Sunday, 2017-01-22

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pwarrenG'day folks.11:31
pwarrenmy tomu doesn't seem to do anything, no LEDs, no serial on ny of the ports.11:31
pwarrenDid the LCA boards have no bootloader at all? or just the wrong one?11:31
pwarrenI have an st-link V2 programmer if that'll help, but not sure how to use it.11:32
cypharpwarren: they do not have a bootloader by default13:42
cypharI've been working on making everything flashable13:42
cypharbasically, it's two-wire debugging13:42
cypharI have the OpenOCD configs that work (me and tim were flashing stuff on the plane back)13:42
cypharbasically you just need a raspberry pi and four wires (VCC, ground, swclk, swdio)13:43
cypharthe square pad is ground, and the order is (VCC, swdio, swclk, ground) along the edge13:44
tpbTitle: GitHub - cyphar/tomu-flash: Instructions and OpenOCD configurations to flash the TOMU. (at
cyphar^^ just uploaded it13:58
cypharI'll clean up that repo and add instructions + photos soon14:06
cypharcurrently bringing my own pi up to scratch14:06
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pwarrenAh thanks cyphar, I have a Pi somewhere, will have to try and find it!20:11
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