Thursday, 2017-01-19

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TheShaun[m]mithro: your site down or just the net im on?09:46
mithroTheShaun[m]: it seems to be up? Which site?09:48
TheShaun[m]maybe im having dns issues09:49
mithroOh, yes that is having issues09:50
mithroI thought you meant tomu.im09:50
TheShaun[m]ah, no, that one is certainly working fine09:51
TheShaun[m]looking forward to flashing an actual usable bootloader on to the tomu when im back home09:56
TheShaun[m]mithro: looked at swapping the 2 led's with a picoled rgb?10:44
TheShaun[m]or wont the EFM32 easily drive it?10:44
mithroTheShaun[m]: way too expensive10:44
TheShaun[m]or that10:45
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tomu-ci[tomu-samples] wom-bat opened pull request #21: Fix CROSS_COMPILE when using ccache (master...master)
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tomu-ci[tomu-samples] mithro closed pull request #21: Fix CROSS_COMPILE when using ccache (master...master)
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cpslcktrjnhow should I create the PR? I don't have anything to commit11:55
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tomu-ci[] 4a6f656c opened pull request #3: Remove FIXME and improve reference to getting started guide. (master...master)
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ex-parrotmithro: sounds like puck already found you :) cheers20:37
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rawtazgood project!21:29
rawtazwas thinking one can use it as a dead man's switch, such that one per usb port is inserted and if either is pulled the computer does a hard power off or whatever is suitable21:31
ex-parrotneat idea21:32
ex-parrotmore reversible than epoxy :)21:32
rawtazyeah :)21:32
rawtazand even more than unsoldering the usb port which a guy i spoke with once had done21:33
rawtazin his laptop21:33
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tomu-ci[] mithro pushed 2 new commits to master: 2cbae48 Joel Sing: Remove FIXME and improve reference to getting started guide.23:36 b305138 Tim Ansell: Merge pull request #3 from 4a6f656c/master...23:36
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