Saturday, 2016-12-31

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eaterthe bootloader currently uses IAR :(13:43
eaterIm gonna try really hard to make it just gnu make13:44
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thunfischhi, because i had to catch my train yesterday, and mithro only hat a wrongly flashed tomu at hand i now have to flash it via jtag. i'm a bit confused as to which pins have which functions. i'm using a buspirate wich has tdi, tdo, tck and tms. tck, gnd and 3.3v were pretty easy to attach, is tms DB_SWDIO and LEUO_RX and LEUO_TX tdi and tdo respectively?19:49
thunfischdon't want to fry it on the first try.19:49
thunfischhm, so, it seems that the efm32 doesn't actually do JTAG but SWD. I'll try my ST-link then...20:05
thunfischcan't get it to work with either st-link v1 or buspirate in swd mode :/21:27

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