Friday, 2016-12-30

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cpcpI can't get my Tomu to recognize as a usb device. Anyone at 33c3 willing to help?11:58
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copyrightscpcp: There is a workshop at 2pm, hopefully you will find help there12:24
parasew_anyone else having issues on osx with "power draw" with tomu?12:31
parasew_mithro, u around?12:32
cpcpcopyrights: Thank you, i just noticed and im trying to find my way there12:45
parasew_cpcp: its near the "seidenstrasse" pneumatic system exit in the assembly room, next to the led wall12:48
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cpcpThank you, ill look around there :)12:49
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JP_where are you located riatlab?13:03
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cpcpparasew_: which led wall? near the mainframe hackspace sign?13:08
mic_ehi guys, where can I find the RIAT assembly? @mithro13:09
parasew_hi all, we are next to mainframe13:09
parasew_at the exit of the tubes13:09
mic_euhm what tubes?13:09
mic_e please send a link here13:09
tpbTitle: c3nav (at
parasew_the yellow tubes13:10
mic_eoh, you mean the seidenstraße? those are everywhere \o/13:10
TheJJwhat assemblies are nearby so we can find it on c3nav?13:10
cpcpim @ the mainframe, who am i looking for?13:10
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jpgso wheres the session?13:11
TheJJwe're now at the mainframe sign13:12
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copyrightssomeone at the workshop (33c3)?13:27
copyrights;-( I didn't find it13:28
TheJJcopyrights: yes, come here13:28
TheJJin the hackcenter13:28
TheJJnear the seidenstraße-node13:28
TheJJthere's the "mainframe" assembly sign13:28
tpbTitle: Google Groups (at
TheJJ^^ boatloader13:38
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parasew_bootloader additional info:
tpbTitle: Call usb bootloader in software - Silicon Labs Community (at
parasew_gcc and the bootloader13:57
tpbTitle: AN0042 USB bootloader and GCC (almost working...) - Silicon Labs Community (at
tpbTitle: Etherpad Lite (at
tpbTitle: avr-libc: Porting From IAR to AVR GCC (at
parasew_for those who are still searching for us, we are here:
tpbTitle: c3nav (at
TheJJour includes:
tpbTitle: Gecko_SDK/Device/SiliconLabs/EFM32HG/Include at master · SiliconLabs/Gecko_SDK · GitHub (at
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link0copyrights: o/14:45
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cpcpI made a small pull request @ tomu-samples, the blinky sample now passes checks15:00
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mithroChannel logs are at
mithrocpcp: I can't merge as github doesn't have an IPv6 access and I can't get a IPv4 address15:20
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tpbTitle: GerbLook (at
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mithrowxcafe: Pull request merged! Do you have a tomu board?17:11
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tomu-ci[tomu-samples] mithro pushed 2 new commits to master:
tomu-citomu-samples/master 9886520 Wxcafé (Clément Hertling): separation of instructions17:12
tomu-citomu-samples/master 446456d Tim Ansell: Merge pull request #13 from wxcafe/master...17:12
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copyrights@cpcp: thx u, it's working fine now19:42
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cpcpcopyrights: im completely new to anything low-level so anything that might be a small help will be great <319:56
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wxcafemithro: I was at the 33c3 earlier22:16
wxcafeyou sold me one and soldered the C pin to 5V, and we worked with mrcpj1998 about making the blinkenlights work22:19

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