Wednesday, 2016-12-28

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mithroHi parasew!12:32
tpbTitle: Google Groups (at
tpbTitle: Create a FIDO / U2F compatible firmware · Issue #3 · im-tomu/tomu-samples · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: serial port - Send file by xmodem or kermit protocol with GNU screen - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange (at
tpbTitle: tomu-samples/efm32hg-blinky at master · im-tomu/tomu-samples · GitHub (at
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parasewmithro, the compiler is very proprietary, trying to get a copy somewhere (wind river diab compiler)16:26
mithroparasew: Okay16:26
mithroparasew: What is the name of your assembly?16:28
parasewmithro: RIAT crypto lab16:30
mithroparasew: I'm going to start sending people to your assembly16:30
parasewmithro: :)16:34
parasewmithro, the USB minicom stopped working for some unknown reason. so if i send U + i i should get the info, right?16:53
mithroparasew: Check that the hardware flow control is off in the settings16:53
parasewmithro: hardware flow is off, i am just not getting any echo from the devices.16:59
mithroparasew: Are you sure you have the connector around the right way and on the right pads?16:59
mithroI'll come by and have a look after this talk17:00
mithroparasew: If you press x, you *must* flash the board using xmodem otherwise when it looses power it won't have any firmware on it17:02
parasewmithro: yes, ok. but i might have some super simple minicom issue, as i just want to see the bootloader info (i) and i dont get any echo from any of the boards.17:04
parasewmithro: ok markus solved it, just some loose cable :)17:06
mithroCan everyone retweet ?17:07
parasewmithro: can u come by after the talk? the interface is very unstable.17:27
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parasewmithro: we are done with flashing and already extracted half of the boards.18:10
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NoGodDamnIdeaoh the project is done?18:20
mithroThe hardware is18:30
NoGodDamnIdeahow far is the software18:56
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