Tuesday, 2018-12-18

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mithroxobs: When you are up, I would like to repo your RPi setup with the Hacker tomu's here00:28
xobsmithro: sure.  I've got half an hour before chinese class. What's up?00:39
mithroxobs: Do I just follow https://git.xobs.io/xobs/fomu-flash ?00:39
tpbTitle: xobs/fomu-flash: Utilities to work with Fomu, as attached to a Raspberry Pi - Gitea: Git with a cup of tea (at git.xobs.io)00:39
mithroand which pins do I use?00:40
xobsAh, for Fomu?  Yes.00:40
xobsI probably should add more diagnostics, including the ability to read out the SPI flash ID code.00:41
xobsI'll do that when I'm at the office today and have access to my EVT board.00:41
xobsLet's see... the best way to hook pins up is probably to follow https://git.xobs.io/xobs/tomu-fpga/raw/commit/cd4d928adb3dd68b22ab5da60e4a4d01ee201caf/reference/tomu-fpga-evt2.pdf00:42
mithroxobs: Okay thanks00:54
mithroI'll probably still be around when you get into the office later00:54
xobsmithro: alright. the two features I need to add are (1) the ability to read out the SPI flash ID code, to make sure the connection is good, and (2) a flag to set the SPI mode (single/dual/quad/qpi).00:55
mithroxobs: SGTM00:56
mithroxobs: Your not using this SPI flash that tinyfpga was using?00:56
mithrotinyfpga: ping?00:56
xobsmithro: no, the version tinyfpga is using is a WLCSP that's designed to be super small. I went with an 8USON that's slightly larger, but has second sources, as well as slightly larger capacity.00:57
xobsI'd love to be able to go with a larger 8USON, though. The one I picked is 3x2mm, but there are some 4x4mm ones that have more storage capacity.00:58
mithroxobs: IIRC the tinyfpga has a special register that has to be written to get QSPI mode...00:59
xobsmithro: I'd imagine that's standard. fomu-flash does that, too: https://git.xobs.io/xobs/fomu-flash/src/branch/master/spi.c#L39401:00
tpbTitle: xobs/fomu-flash: Utilities to work with Fomu, as attached to a Raspberry Pi - spi.c at master - Gitea: Git with a cup of tea (at git.xobs.io)01:00
mithroxobs: I know picosoc needed something specially for it01:00
xobsyeah, it took me a while to find that. much frustration. otoh, now I understand QPI and quad spi much better now.01:06
mithroxobs: Should I add tomu-evt to LiteX-BuildEnv?01:18
xobsmithro: that would be nice, thanks! what do you need to do that?01:22
xobsI have a local version that I've been working with. it's a bit of a lie, because I run the 48 MHz oscillator through a PLL and call it "12 MHz", so I'm not entirely happy with my solution.01:23
mithroxobs: I'm using the internal 48MHz oscillator at 12MHz01:34
xobsmithro: I'm still learning FPGAs -- can you just pull out bit 2 and run it into a clock buffer?  Is that stable enough to actually work at those frequencies?01:35
mithroxobs: The oscillator has an internal divider01:36
xobsmithro: ah! you run the internal 48 MHz oscillator through a divider, not the crystal. clever.01:37
mithroxobs: I'm just doing a little rebasing01:38
cr1901_modern$cr1901cc -pedantic01:44
cr1901_modernBelow 50Mhz, it's not gonna matter, but one should really not use a FF divider to do clock division.01:44
cr1901_modernskew will result so it's difficult to relate the phase of your divided clock to the source clk01:44
xobscr1901_modern: thanks for the info. That was my gut feeling, too.01:53
mithroxobs: Generally it's pretty hard to route clocks into/out of the logic01:57
mithroxobs: Do you have a tinyfpga_bx ?02:02
xobsmithro: I don't think I do, no. Why do you ask?02:03
mithroxobs: It would be good for someone to replicate the USB that currently works02:03
xobsmithro: today I'll give it a shot on Fomu. Better test it before the campaign starts...02:04
mithroxobs: I need to figure out what I've done wrong as the usb core is not meeting timing on the up5k02:05
mithroxobs: Would be good to test lm32+picorv32+vexriscv on the Fomu too...02:05
xobsI got lm32 micropython working.02:07
mithroxobs: Seem mithro/litex-buildenv/tinyusb-work02:07
xobsI tried building a smaller vexriscv, and the result was just the top line of the bios prompt before it froze.02:08
xobsThat was using my own Scala file, though.02:08
mithroxobs: I just rolled forward litex, so litex-buildenv should have Florent's minimal vexriscv versions in it now02:09
cr1901_modernxobs: Lemme know if the minimal vexriscv versions work. I've had trouble w/ minimal vexriscv last time I tried it on ice40.03:05
xobsmithro: I just added the "-i" and "-t" parameters to fomu-flash.03:10
xobsThe "-i" parameter reads every ID code it can find.  Use that to make sure your connection is good.03:10
xobsThe "-t" parameter takes one of four options: 1, 2, 4, or q.  It sets the SPI bit width.03:11
xobsSo try "-t 1" for now.03:11
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mithroxobs: okay, will test after I grab some dinner03:21
xobsmithro: also, I'm grabbing your latest tinyusb work.  I'll try to get it working on Fomu!  It uses lm32, right?03:22
mithroxobs: At the moment, but it should be easy to port to vexriscv / picrorv3203:23
xobsalright, then in the interest of not changing too much at once, I'll stick with lm3203:23
mithroxobs: I haven't tested on the up5k yet03:23
xobs...that's worrisome. "Info:            ICESTORM_LC:  5169/ 5280    97%"03:36
mithroxobs: What config are you using?03:46
xobsI was using lite, but now I'm retrying with minimal.03:47
mithroxobs: Mine is in the 4k range03:47
xobs4883 (92%) with minimal lm32.  Still doesn't route, though.  Much better!03:51
xobsIs there an example of a litex target that doesn't have ROM, but boots from RAM instead?04:15
xobsI'll just add ROM as a mirror of RAM.04:19
mithroxobs: https://github.com/mithro/litex-buildenv/blob/tinyusb-work/targets/tomu_fpga_hacker/base.py04:20
tpbTitle: litex-buildenv/base.py at tinyusb-work · mithro/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at github.com)04:20
mithroxobs: That is XIP from spiflash, no rom04:21
xobsI pulled out SPI and it managed to route.04:24
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xobsWhat's the best way to access a Verilog signal?  I'd like to wire soc_lm32_dbus_adr[2] up to an IO pin.  What I'd really like to do is assign pmod_n0 <= soc_lm32_dbus_adr[2]05:55
mithroxobs: That I'm not sure about06:14
xobsdaveshah (or anyone): do you know if the UP5K bitstream supports SPRAM configuration?06:44
mithroxobs: It does not06:55
* xobs gets distracted fitting the bios into 8kB of RAM...08:33
xobsOkay, so I now have a boot prompt, and I have just about everything working from a UX perspective.  The only command that doesn't work is "wcsr", because that blows out the 8 kB image.08:59
xobsmithro: Should I load some program from third_party/valentyusb/third_party/tinyusb/examples/?09:00
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xobsOkay, I managed to get the bios to work mostly, though I need to change the memory offsets. The spiboot command ends up overwriting the bios memory due to overlaps.10:53
xobsThe cool thing is that this now fits in the Bitstream, so no need for flash memory.10:54

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