Friday, 2019-07-05

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xobsCarlFK: thanks for the report.  fixed!00:36
CarlFKxobs: how much do you know about the low end power supply market?  like do either of these look familiar:00:47
tpbTitle: Brand Adapter 12V + 5V For HARD DISK Drive Power Supply CD/DVD-Rom with AC Cord | eBay (at
tpbTitle: vovotrade Power Supply 12V+5V AC Adapter for Hard Disk Drive HDD CD DVD ROM Drop Shipping-in Chargers from Consumer Electronics on | Alibaba Group (at
mithroCarlFK: should be a new firmware build up for the opsis now00:49
mithroCarlFK: All green now ->
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence (at
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CarlFKmithro: yay!  thank you!  and thank you for sorting out my udev rules problem I created for myself00:50
xobsCarlFK: hard to say. Can't really tell much just by a photo, which might not even be what you get.  The second one is pretty light, and is cheaper, so I'd go for the ebay one instead.00:50
CarlFKxobs: thanks00:50
CarlFKaliexpress Weight: Approx 120g  , did you see a weight for the ebay one?00:54
xobsNo, unfortunately.00:56
CarlFKmithro:  const char* git_describe = "v0.0.4-502-g2bc1d19";01:10
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence (at
CarlFKmithro: python3 ../HDMI2USB-mode-switch/bin/ --platform opsis01:10
CarlFKChannel unstable is at rev v0.0.4-502-g2bc1d1901:10
CarlFKrev: v0.0.4-502-g2bc1d1901:10
CarlFKFound platforms: arty, basys3, ice40_hx8k_b_evn, ice40_up5k_b_evn, icebreaker, mimas_a7, neso, netv2, nexys_video, tinyfpga_bx, upduino_v101:11
CarlFKmithro: no opsis01:11
mithroHrm, looks like it uploaded successfully ->
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence (at
mithroLooks like it's there ->
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt/archive/master/v0.0.4-502-g2bc1d19/opsis/hdmi2usb/lm32 at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt · GitHub (at
CarlFKmithro: got it.  rm github.pickle ... caching is hard.01:15
CarlFKmithro: no hdmi2usb for Atlys:
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt/archive/master/v0.0.4-502-g2bc1d19/atlys at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence (at
mithro- Did not find atlys/hdmi2usb/lm32 at v0.0.4-502-g2bc1d1901:30
mithroTransmitting file data .......................................................................svn: E160024: Commit failed (details follow):01:31
mithrosvn: E160024: MERGE failed01:31
CarlFKoh swell.01:31
mithroWill try kicking it off again01:31
CarlFKopsis tests pass!!01:33
CarlFKer no.  tests did not pass :(01:36
* CarlFK[m] uploaded a video: VectorVideo_2019-07-04_084315.mp4 (8828KB) < >01:52
CarlFKmithro: that is H2U 00:20:58>x c 0 0 ; Connecting input0 to output001:53
CarlFKoutput0 to an lcd monitor01:54
mithroCarlFK: Committed revision 7403.02:01
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence (at
CarlFKmithro: opsis: output1 shows pattern and expected version: v0.0.4-502-g2bc1d1902:08
CarlFKmithro:  gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src num-buffers=3 device=/dev/hdmi2usb/by-num/opsis0/video ! jpegdec ! fakesink02:09
CarlFKno valid frames found02:09
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mithroCarlFK: does it include your changes to the output?03:03
CarlFKmithro: I don't think so - but I'm also not sure what that "black code" made black?03:04
mithroWell it hasn't been merged I don't think?
tpbTitle: Pattern closes #474 by CarlFK · Pull Request #475 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
CarlFKmithro: I thought I saw that it was merged.  let me see if "pattern" comnand  works03:10
KamilionCarlFK: I remember getting one of those with a cheap USB to SATA dongle that just popped on the back of a drive. Havn't seen any for close to a decade.03:11
CarlFKKamilion: yeah, that's how i discovered them too.  was hoping you used them at work for .. um. drives :p03:12
KamilionNothing's used molex since the IDE days.03:12
Kamilionjust about everything's moved to SFF-848203:13
CarlFKmithro:  you are right, that PR not merged)  H2U 00:45:52>pattern = nothing03:15
Kamilion$14 good enough deal?03:15
CarlFKKamilion:  $10 free shipping arrives in 5ish days.03:18
tpbTitle: Brand Adapter 12V + 5V For HARD DISK Drive Power Supply CD/DVD-Rom with AC Cord | eBay (at
CarlFKif I could see that both grounds were hooked up, I might pay the extra $403:18
CarlFKactually the sticker shows they are not hooked up03:19
Kamilionah, i assumed arrival time was more important, so I looked for anything Prime03:20
CarlFKI need them glued in place by ~ july 2203:20
CarlFKI do see 2.5A, which might be a little more real than the  Approx 120g 2A (which I don't really believe, but I'm not sure how much I need anyway?03:22
CarlFKI am using them to power the 12v fpga board and a 5v sbc, either c2 or turbot03:22
CarlFKturbot has an atom with a heat sink and does draw enough current to not work right on what I setup for the C203:23
CarlFKso something is an issue, I just have no idea what the real numbers are03:23
Kamilionah. I dunno either. I've pretty much been using nothing but those FSP084-DIBAN 12V/7A bricks03:24
KamilionI don't have any spare 12V->5V on hand right now either03:24
Kamilionbut I normally use®-Converter-Supply-Module-OUTPUT/dp/B00R5JL8WI/ (but from aliexpress instead, at 1/3rd the unit cost)03:26
Kamilioneither the SMAKN or DROK brand is what I go with.03:27
Kamilionused my last spare one installing a bluetooth head unit in a friend's tacoma truck03:28
CarlFKI like the 12/5 in one ps - less stuff to assemble and wonder about03:28
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Kamilionyeah, but then you've got a pile of weird one-off parts like that molex brick that are hard to reproduce/restock03:30
Kamilionplus you have no idea the quality of those bricks, and *they were meant for external harddrives* with noisy DC motors. There's no way they bothered spending enough money for a really prim and clean output03:31
Kamilionand more or less I bet those bricks just have a 12V-5V linear reg after the switchmode AC->12V03:32
KamilionOh, sorry, it sounds like I'm arguing with you; that's not my intent.03:32
KamilionI'm just really picky about clean power, it resolves so many quirky behaviors03:33
Kamilionoh, reminds me, if you're around the bay area and you see a raspberry pi 4 for sale; lemme know. I can't seem to find any yet.03:34
CarlFKna, thats the kind of feedback I'm interested in03:34
CarlFKI want to know what the AC plug is....03:35
Kamilion"brand: ITE"03:35
CarlFK Connector A:   4 Pin 12 V 5V;   Connector B:  4 Pin 12 V 5V03:35
CarlFKum.. no.03:35
Kamilionyeah, that thing isn't even branded at all03:36
Kamilionbut the AC side's probably the normal IEC C1303:37
Kamilionvery unlikely it's IEC C5 (Clover)03:38
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CarlFKwhy unlikely?03:43
CarlFKother than there seems to be some pattern: 2 grounds on the molex side has clover AC side.03:43
KamilionClover doesn't tend to show up a lot outside of laptop power supplies, for some reason.03:44
KamilionI *think* it is because of older airplane AC provisions03:45
Kamilionand "travel" adapters tend to have C5 Clover, while stationary adapters tend to have C1303:46
Kamilionat this point, C13's just about the easiest to find worldwide03:46
Kamilionto the point of a friend of mine that travels a lot carries a C14-to-C5 dongle in his bag and just buys C13 leads locally wherever he travels.03:48
Kamilionwow, more expensive, and not even grounded.03:49
CarlFKboth are easy to come by, I like the c13 because I have lots of 12" cords03:49
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CarlFKthe molex has both grounds,03:50
CarlFKon one of mine, um.. the 2 grounds aren't directly hooked together03:51
Kamilionyep, and from the customer photos, that looks like a branded supply, has proper warnings, and is likely double insulated (to have an earth-less inlet)03:51
CarlFKcontinuity tester... only one direction03:51
CarlFKdoes that imply anything about what's inside?03:51
CarlFKlike 2 power supplies, or anything I might care about03:52
KamilionGenerally not; the cost of having two inductors would be prohibitive03:52
CarlFKgood - I guess :p03:53
Kamilionso in almost all cases, a switching brick is gonna drop to the highest output voltage; and then have a regulator hanging off that output to provide any lower voltages03:53
Kamilionif the two grounds aren't connected; they may be using a nicely isolated 12V->5V device03:53
Kamilionthat's definitely a plus, if so03:54
CarlFKswell.  so I should track that one down and get more :p03:55
CarlFKits at PS1 - about 10 min drive.  Ill go in tomorrow03:56
Kamilionbut noise/load on the 12V side can still affect the 5V side... but with these modern 8V-36V buck regulators and a good quality low esr bulk capacitor, even a noisy 12V in can have a clean 5.08V output with a ripple under 5mv03:56
Kamilionthose dual voltage bricks have been kicking around since the 90s, when I got my first 5.25" external CD-ROM chassis03:57
Kamilionalmost a given that a few corners will be cut over 25 years03:58
KamilionLeast it's better than my atari's big ass transformer -> linear reg supply03:58
CarlFKthe 12v is the fpga, which doesn't even have a heat sink, and nothing gets hot to the touch, so I don't think it's going to put much load on the 12v side03:59
Kamilionyeah, i doubt you'll have an issue unless you were doing anything like 3D printing / stepper control / motor control, with a lot of EMF noise03:59
Kamilionhowever, you can't really tell the age of these dual voltage bricks, and it's certainly possible to get old stock with craptastic dried out capacitors that'll only get worse04:00
Kamilionthe Coolerguys brick does seem to be recent though, at least from the customer pics04:00
CarlFKmithro: can you flip the order of the builds around so that hdmi2usb/opsis is done first?04:28
CarlFKmithro: I'm kinda assuming the rest of them are to confirm it builds, not for anyone to use04:29
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CarlFKmithro: find Opsis?07:05
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aienaHi CarlFK15:52
CarlFK[m]Hi aiena15:55
aienathe kernel has so many make commands (:16:02
aienamy kernel didnt build without running make defconfig and then make later16:02
aienanow someone is saying there is a make modules-config too16:02
CarlFKdid you read all 120 of Rustys slides ?16:04
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aienaCarlFK: not fully its a lot of info but I am trying to understand as I read.16:23
aienaI mean each slide makes you want to read related stuff to understand it sometimes yesterday I watched the talk you linked to16:24
aienaIt was very interesting and helped me understand USB better16:24
aienatoday morning was spent on understanding USB rather than the kernle (:16:24
aienaCarlFK: in the slides they say "System calls are the legal method of trapping into the kernel from user-space"16:26
aienawhat are system calls and traps here.16:26
aienahmm dir structure changed a bit cool16:32
CarlFKaiena: system calls are function calls16:42
aienaand traps are like interrupts16:42
CarlFKI think so.  that one I have never used16:43
aienabut syncronous so a trap can pause a system ca;;16:43
aienaso void main() would be a sys cal16:43
CarlFKvoid main()  is a function16:43
aienaerr actually no16:43
aienahmm ok so when the function is run16:44
aienathe memory and the processing done is the sys call16:44
aienai mean like mem allocation computation, freeing16:44
aienahmm wait sorry16:45
aienaI think its like when you pass params to a function and run it16:45
aienaso like main(a); is the system call and void main() is the function16:47
aiena*void main (int foo)16:47
aienaok like normal programming16:48
CarlFKexcept main is your function, not a function in the kernel16:48
* aiena nods16:48
aienathe entry point in the rusty docs is an assembly file for syscalls16:49
aienasince I don't know assembly I cannot make a lot of sense of it16:49
tpbTitle: Adding a Hello World System Call to Linux Kernel - Anubhav Shrimal - Medium (at
CarlFKmore kenel bulding dos ;)16:50
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aienaCarlFK: is obj-y : for assembly in cmake?16:53
aienaah it means builtin lol\16:54
CarlFKobj-y ?16:55
aienaoh cool its linked to the kconfig system16:55
aienaso obj-y would make the file be built if its part of the core kernel config only the tick boxes in make-xconfig I think16:56
aienaCarlFK: yes in the makefiles16:56
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CarlFKah, i see it now.  um.. it's a make label. that is referenced somewhere else.  (im really just guessing, only 1/2 paying attention to it)17:01
aienaCarlFK: hmm basically the kernel has a kconfig system17:04
aienaso you can choose what support you need built itno the kernel etc.17:05
aienafrom what I saw for example which crypto cypers etc17:05
aienaCarlFK: like
aienait added that entry to the kconfig17:08
aienathen if it is ticked then the corresponding .c or .S file is compiled into object code for linking17:08
aienaso thats how you enable disable kernel features like protocols etc. that a linux kernel thingy which is pretty awesome in a way.17:09
aienathe obj-$() stuff is the makefile level then the kconfig is at this level17:10
aienaso kconfig sets the variable for the makefile to use which in turn tells make to build or not build the whatever17:10
CarlFKsounds about right17:11
CarlFKthere are a few goals of the kernel config and make process: keep the size of the kernel small (the less ram it needs the more there is for your apps)  and don't spend time compiling things you don't want17:13
aienaOk that's the impression I got.17:16
aienaso amm these menuconfig /xconfig etc. just write to the .config file in the source root tree17:16
aienaand this file in turn feeds make etc.17:17
aienaI'll just copy over the system config file just to see what ubuntu has enabled by default17:18
aienaif I use "defconfig" type-c support is disabled I feel ubuntu would keep it enabled by default17:18
CarlFKI have no idea17:19
aienabut it doesnt matter for me at the moment I think defconfig is sufficient17:19
aienahmm actually wait it may be better to use the ubuntu config17:19
aienasomething may break if the new kernel is loaded and missing something used by all the other packages on the host17:20
CarlFKit's very unlikely that anything will break17:20
aienaif I use defconfig17:21
aienaall my fs's are ext4 but I use one ntfs partition17:21
CarlFKodd hardware might not be supported because ubuntu enabled it and vanilla didn't17:21
aienawonder if defconfig drops ntfs support17:22
CarlFKI doubt it - many thumb drives are ntfs17:22
aienaCarlFK: strange17:24
aienahow come I cannot see NTFS anywhere under filesystems17:24
aienaI checked under the misc FS subcategory too17:24
aienaand the network FS ones17:24
aienado you know17:26
CarlFKyes.. I think it is called hpfs17:26
aienaCarlFK: found it17:28
aienaits in DOS/FAT/NT Filesystems category and17:29
aiena"OFF" by default17:29
CarlFKhere is the last thing I did
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
aienascary like type-c17:29
aienaCarlFK: what is the difference between make oldconfig and make defconfig?17:30
CarlFKto test if vizzini.patch still worked.  it did.  now if only someone would get it submitted into upstream linux grumble...17:30
CarlFKoldconfig is what your current kernel  is running17:30
CarlFKdefconfig is what Linus thinks is a safe config for eveyone17:31
aienaoh so I sohuld use oldconfig17:32
aienaand that will use the .config file of the distro as a recipe automagically?17:32
* aiena likes to understand some of the magic wherever possible17:32
CarlFK[m]I think so,.17:33
* aiena wonders how oldconfig werks17:33
CarlFK[m]Look in /boot17:33
CarlFK[m]You should see a bunch of config files with the same name as the colonel files17:34
aienai am looking at the linux makefile to see oldconfig logic17:35
aienaI cannot find it in the root makefile where is this config stuff defined17:35
aienayes ./config-5.0.0-20-generic looks exactly like the .config that defconfig would generate but with different options.pages17:36
aienaoh found it17:38
aienait runs the conf executable and oldconfig is in C code17:39
aienaCarlFK: How does oldconfig automatically pickup the current kernle conf though can't make out in the C code17:40
aienaHmm why is oldconfig not taking the distro options17:42
aienaafter running make oldconfig I just ran xconfig and looked at NTFS17:43
aienaIn ubuntu's config file `CONFIG_NTFS_FS=m` is set but running config oldconfig alone seems to keep it unset17:43
aienaon my source code kernel tree's ,config17:44
aienayes but copying the .config file preserves the correct settings17:45
aienaCarlFK: so there is something I am missing with make oldconfig17:45
aienathat alone is almost identical in behaviour to make defconfig17:45
aienawonder what am I missing17:46
CarlFKim not sure - hard to understand exactly what you have done - personally I wouldn't spend any more time on it17:47
CarlFKit is good to understand, but not that good, so spend your time on getting your kernel module working17:48
* aiena nods I just copied over ubuntu's config17:48
aienafrom /boot/.config-5.x.x. /source/tree/.config17:49
aienaCarlFK: how do I set the extraversion17:49
aienaI am guessing I need to make install my built kernel too17:50
CarlFKI did  extraversion thing like this: make -j `getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN` deb-pkg LOCALVERSION=-viz2-torv17:51
CarlFKbut I'm sure it is in the .conf somswehre17:51
CarlFK[email protected]:~/vizzini/shenki/linux$ grep VERSION .config17:52
aienayep seems like I need to edit it in the file the xconfig area doenst have a way to enter strings17:56
aienaok now the rusty thing only mentions building the linux kernel and then loads it in qemu17:57
aienathe commands are a bit confusing as in in the sildes he seems to create a ramdisk with mount then unmount it17:57
aienawont the ramdisk get just destroyed17:57
CarlFKwhats the command to make the ramdisk?17:58
CarlFKit has been a year or two sense I read it17:58
aienahmm wait sorry no ramdisk17:59
aienacommand is like this mount -o loop -o offset=32256 ../debian /mnt/qemu17:59
aienaI need to install qemu first but do you have instructions sans virtualisation17:59
CarlFKapt install qemu18:00
aienaok I unstalled qemu18:02
aienanow ehat is this ../debian /mnt/qemu with the offset18:03
CarlFKI always remember "mount something somewhere"18:04
CarlFKin this case, add some -options: mount -options something somewhere18:04
CarlFKoptions are: -o loop -o offset=3225618:05
CarlFKdo you know about loopback ?18:05
aienaa loopback is A read only filesystem afaik18:06
aienahmm let me see then18:06
CarlFKa fs (filesystem) is a bunch of bytes:  filenames, pointers and data and unused space18:06
CarlFKnormally those bytes are on a device, either the whole disk, or a partition18:07
CarlFKthey can also all be contained in a file18:07
aienaok like iso or dd output18:07
CarlFKso instead of mounting a device found under /dev you can mount a file18:07
aienaor squashfs18:08
CarlFKmaybe.  I think squashfs can be on a device18:09
aienaso ../debian is an iso18:09
aienaor some kind of image file18:09
aienaand it is mounted to /mnt/usb skipping 32256 bytes or something18:09
aienaerr /mnt/qemu18:09
CarlFKah - offset...18:09
aienasince the ../debian is a relative path idk where this ../debian is or if qemu provide it by default I did apt-install qemu18:10
CarlFKI'll deduce that "debian" is a ... um.. disk with partitions18:10
CarlFKI bet you need to download debian18:11
aienahmm that looks like it is using the debian images default built kernel with modules from the source treee of the host kernel18:12
CarlFKabout offset: if you dd a disk with partititons,  like dd if=/dev/sda of=disk.img -   and then you want to mount -o loop the first partition, you need to skip over the  partition table18:12
aienaso it is a clone of some live installed system18:13
aienamighty difficult that one tiny line18:13
aienaerr bare metal system18:13
aienaI think the non qemu route not documented in the sildes may be easier18:14
CarlFKcould be18:14
aienai can't dd my system18:14
CarlFKwhy do you think you need to dd your system?18:15
aienahow did that ../debian image used get made?18:15
aienaif the offset is there then18:15
aienathat ../debian must be like you suggested dd'd from some minimal host18:16
aienait has to be an image file since it is a loopback device18:16
aienaah wait the image file probably is made simply by installing the distro in the vm like a VDI18:17
aienaI am guessing I can use the ubuntu live cd but will have to update it to use the latest ubuntu kernel18:18
aienaso CarlFK how was this debian image created this is all qemu stuff now18:20
aienai think its an install debian system on qemu but the slides dont mention anything18:20
CarlFKlet me look...18:21
aienaslide #1918:22
aienaI am sorry I have only used virtualbox for virtualisation. I dod try QEMU but it was difficult because you need root access to make each vm etc. and I was a bit scared.18:23
tpbTitle: Index of /pub/ (at
tpbTitle: QEMU - Debian Wiki (at
CarlFKdebian.gz 19 mb18:26
aienahmm thats from 200518:26
aienaI am building against the 5.x kernel18:27
CarlFKit should work18:27
CarlFKyou need it to boot, some simple stdio and bash18:28
aienayes that code is pretty basic and it builds18:28
aienalet me try I am unfamiliar with qemu18:28
aienado I ned to extract the gz first?18:28
aienahmm the mirror you pointed to is all the stuff in the state that the kernel was in during that tut18:30
aienai am getting the debian.gz18:30
CarlFKI like qemu - maybe because it is what I have always used.  but it seems like it is easier to use from the command line, so it is easier to document and use for lessons18:30
* aiena nods18:31
aienaI heard qemu with kvm is also faster and more bug free than say virtualbox18:31
aienapeople compain about virtualbox creating a mess but as just a user I don't know anything18:31
aienajust you need the root shell lots unless you do some workarounds for qemu so that was ... for me18:32
aienaok i donwloaded the gz18:32
aienaCarlFK: I wonder if when he says "as root" for those 3 commands if he means "sudo" or "sudo -i"18:34
aienabecause sudo -i will remove you from your pwd too18:34
CarlFKit doesnt' really matter - sudo -i is less typing but more dangerous18:35
aienai am guessing the debian is outside the source tree so it must be sudo18:35
CarlFKum, what does source tree have to do with sudo?18:35
aienasudo -i will remove the pwd you are cd'd into18:36
aienaso the ../debian makes no more sense18:36
aienabut the ..debian makes sense if you followed dir structure18:36
tpbTitle: Index of /pub/ (at
CarlFKyou need root for the mount command18:37
aienai think all 318:38
aienayou cannot make any folder in /mnt without it anyway18:38
CarlFKthis 1/2 works:
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKI'm actually not sure if the debian image is doing anything - it may all be just the ubuntu kernel booting and then crashing18:44
aienaok before all this qemu sauce my l3rk driver is not compiling18:48
aienaI get a make[2]: *** No rule to make target 'drivers/crypto/lr3k.c', needed by 'drivers/crypto/lr3k.o'.  Stop.18:48
aienaerror but I followed all the instructions in tohse 3 slides18:48
aienaI dont understnad what I missed this error comes after running "make modules"18:48
CarlFKNo rule - that sounds like the Makefile doesn't say how too build lr3k.c18:49
CarlFKor it can't find lr3k.c18:49
CarlFK(I'm not good at make)18:49
aienaoh wait18:49
aienai got it I think the c file is named wrong lol18:50
aienayes that was it lol18:50
aienait built18:50
aienai think the make-j8 modules step is the long time compiling part of linux18:51
aienaCarlFK:  in the slide #19 there is the 'make INSTALL_MOD_PATH=/mnt/qemu modules_install' line I think modules_install will compile if not yet compiled the modules18:52
aienabecause of the sudo is everything built now owned by root18:52
aienado the object files etc. move to root somehow I have had that mess before with building userland apps18:52
aienahmm no ownership of the object file is still with the user18:54
aienahmm no ignore that I am running make modules as regular user so that is correct18:55
aienawhat is sudo ' 'make INSTALL_MOD_PATH=/mnt/qemu modules_install' expected to do?18:55
aienai feel it will copy the modules over to /mnt/qemu18:55
CarlFKI'm kinda guessing, but I think it just sets up where they will be installed when you do: "sudo make install modules" later18:56
CarlFKno wait...18:57
aienaCarlFK: the facinating thing is that debian.gz has no kernel but just the basic linux dir structire and some userspace binaries18:57
CarlFKas root: ... make INSTALL_MOD_PATH=/mnt/qemu modules_install\18:57
aienals /mnt/qemu/boot turns out empty18:58
aienawould modules_install also install the kernel?18:58
CarlFKno ...18:58
aienathe /boot is totally empty if you mout the extracted debian image18:59
CarlFKthis is setup to make building/booting new kerenels in fewer steps...18:59
CarlFKslide 20 Run qemu: qemu -hda ../debian -kernel arch/i386/boot/bzImage -append “ro root=/dev/hda1”18:59
CarlFKthat tells the VM to use a bzImag from the host fs, not debian file19:00
aienathat add the kernel so whatever kernel you built19:00
aienanods got it19:00
CarlFKright - so debian doesn't need any kernel.19:00
CarlFK(I kinda don't like using "debian" ad the file name here. makes this conversation confusing.19:01
aienaits better to call it skelinux19:01
aienaits barebones devoid of a kernel but it still has chmod etc in it19:01
aienai guess those interface with the higher level kerne API so they will work as is19:02
aienaand hence are kept in there19:02
aienaoh boy out of disk space19:03
aienakernel hog waaaaaaaah19:03
CarlFKI rand out of memory too.  thats what we get using linux with 14 years of additions19:03
aiena14 gb and the modules aint fully built19:04
aienahow big is your built kernel tree19:04
aienaCarlFK: and this is without the git load too19:05
aienathe nast .git munchkin19:05
aienaoh it needed 19.7GB19:08
aienai did some aggressive freeing thank heavens for this beauty called Filelight19:08
aienaso no ican go to the qemu step :P19:09
CarlFK556M  linux-image-5.2.0-rc1-viz2-torv-dbg_5.2.0-rc1-viz2-torv-1_amd64.deb19:09
CarlFKim not really sure where to get stats on how big my compiled binaries are19:10
aienathat is the packed file19:10
aienacompiling exploads all that exponentially lol19:10
aienathats why building from source is annoying19:10
aiena1 app after building maybe say 1GB but will need at least 10GB to build19:10
aienathat 556M needs 19.7 GB :P19:11
aienawhen we donwload built apps its like oh its only 5556MB :P19:11
aienaanyway now for the qemu stuff19:12
aienalol now I cannot install my built modules hahahahahaha19:13
aienaCarlFK: is qemu bound to /mnt/19:14
aienaI have another drive with more free space19:14
aienamy root partition is on an SSD so its tight (:19:15
CarlFKqemu knows nothing about your /mnt/19:15
CarlFKmnt is used to alter the debian file, then qemu reads the debian file19:15
aienaoh lol i have no space there too haha19:16
aienaoh now it makes sense19:17
aienaso it updates the skelinux with the kernel and mudles you made19:17
aienathen the notsoskelinux is run by qemu19:17
aiena*kernel and modules19:17
CarlFKmodules yes, kernel maybe (I dont' think kernel)19:18
aienaoh right19:18
CarlFKah right.  if it put the kernel there, it would have to tell the boot loader about it (grub maybe)19:18
aienakernel is just passed as a param19:18
CarlFKyeah - qemu -kernel foo  is much easier19:18
CarlFKyou are dealing with the birth of the universe - things are not like you are used to :p19:19
aienaso the deb file is updated ony with your modules the rest is static19:19
aienaCarlFK: I know that is what is scary and fun about the kernel19:19
CarlFKwhat deb file?19:19
aienaeverything run on top of it and it interfaces with the hardware directly19:20
aienaCarlFK: lol the debian19:20
aienathe skelinux19:20
aienawhy that name is idiotic19:20
aienathe deb file is used for deb packages but that file is also called debian19:20
CarlFKI think we can call it debian.  we have no need for Debian the distro right now19:21
aienalets call it skelinux19:21
aienaso the skelinux gets updated and rebundled with your drivers19:21
aienaand then qemu loads notsoskelinux with the built kernel :P19:21
aienai am stuck at the make the notsoskelinux part19:22
aienalets see what else I can trash (:19:22
aienaCarlFK: can you do a mock test and see how big your notsoskelinux becomes after installing the modules19:23
aienaoh boy19:27
aienai know whats happening now19:27
aienaim so silly19:27
aienathe /mnt is on the root partition and I am freeing space on the home partition grrrr19:27
aienai think I will just unmount /mnt19:28
aienawhy is the sudo needed for the makeinstall19:28
aienamake modules_install19:28
aienaCarlFK: do the modules need some root ownership or something in the loop device fs?19:29
aienai mean can I change /mnt/qemu to /home/user/qemu19:29
CarlFKyes, you can change the mount point19:29
aienawhat reverse the make modules_install thing19:30
CarlFKpermissions: I suspect you will need to give write perms to your user19:30
aienais there a make modules_uninstall?19:30
aienaCarlFK: hmm the home directlry is writable non root19:30
CarlFKI doubt it - but you can just delete whtever yo uneed19:30
aienaits not an issue I can always re extract the debian.gz and start afresh :P19:33
aienaah now I understand what you mean19:35
aienaroot will take ownership of the debian file and the mount point19:35
aienaCarlFK: ok now I am sooooo cofunsed19:37
aienaI have 9.3 Gigs free on the partition that I made the mount point on19:37
aienaI get an error like this cp: error writing '/home/aiena/BUILD-AREA/LINUX/qemu//lib/modules/5.0.0aiena/kernel/arch/x86/crypto/cast6-avx-x86_64.ko': No space left on device19:38
aienai dont know what I am goofing up19:40
aienaCarlFK: is this device the loopback device?19:42
aienathat its complaining has no space?19:42
aienaCarlFK: seems like it lsblk says `loop0    7:0    0    50M  0 loop /home/aiena/BUILD-AREA/LINUX/qemu` this is where the debian file is mounted19:44
aienaso is the loop device size ony 50Mb how do I add more space?19:44
CarlFKhmm.. i may know this...19:45
aiena`df -h` says `/dev/loop0       49M   49M     0 100% /home/aiena/BUILD-AREA/LINUX/qemu`19:46
aienaso the loop device is full or nothing can be added19:46
aienanothing to do with the block devices storage19:46
aienaany idea how to fix this .... so much fun :)19:48
aienaCarlFK:  I was looking at this
tpbTitle: How to create virtual block device (loop device/filesystem) in Linux – The Geek Diary (at
aienawhat is losetup ?19:52
aienaseems like he makes the file system etc without mounting it19:52
aienai am giessing I need to resize the debian partition19:52
aienathen remoount it and install into it i.e. make the debian image larger with free space19:52
CarlFKwell.. I fond what I was looking for, but it wont help you:
tpbTitle: usbinst/ · master · DebConf video team / ansible · GitLab (at
CarlFK        fatresize -p -v -s 1G ${dev}20:00
CarlFKwe need some other fs resize20:00
aienaCarlFK: what do you think of this psuki's solution?20:04
tpbTitle: partitioning - resize /dev/loop0 and increase space - Ask Ubuntu (at
aienaanyway goodnight CarlFK I need to sleep I can try to pursue this on the morrow lots of hurdles lol20:08
aienathank you so much for your time20:08
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