Thursday, 2019-07-04

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mithroCarlFK[m]: Working on it ->
tpbTitle: Spartan 6 based builds broken · Issue #159 · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at
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mithroCarlFK: btw - you know how you find it really hard to do improvements of the firmware C code?01:24
mithroCarlFK[m]: Renode will be soon at a level that you should be able to use that to do firmware dev and get going very quickly...01:25
mithroCarlFK: Renode is kind of like QEmu on steroids...01:25
CarlFKmithro: yay.  I hope ;)01:41
CarlFKmithro: did you see my power supply installed in an Opsis box:
mithroCarlFK: !!!!01:43
mithroCarlFK: I might have time this long weekend to dig up the opsis boards for you01:44
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mithroCarlFK: That power supply install is *nice*04:59
mithroCarlFK: Exactly the time of thing I was looking to do05:00
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CarlFKmithro: send boxes, I'll  fix em up05:19
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CarlFKmithro: I have 10 of these in my amazon cart:
mithroCarlFK: I was going to suggest getting ones which have the PCIe 12V output only, but I guess you can split the 5V off for your RPi / odroid, etc05:20
mithroCarlFK: btw did you see the new RPi?05:21
CarlFKyes- 2 hdmi outs and gig-e05:21
mithroCarlFK: faster CPU too05:21
CarlFKyeah - Ed our NERP leader brought one in Monday05:22
CarlFKit renders pdf's with images fast.05:23
mithroCarlFK: Tried pairing it with an Opsis yet?05:23
CarlFKmithro: no - should work.05:27
mithroRemind me tomorrow to look for the opsis boards05:32
CarlFKit's tomorrow here :D05:32
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aienaHi CarlFK18:08
CarlFKhi aiena18:08
aienaOk so I got a very stupid module writeen with just 2 printk() statements on module_init and module_exit18:09
aienamy issue is how to use the sitro kernel header files18:10
aienato build it18:10
CarlFKI have only made changes to existing modules18:12
aienahmm how did you build those changes18:12
CarlFKeitiher make or debuild18:13
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CarlFK is 122 slides - it took me over 30 min to read them all - if you are starting to do linux kernel modules, you should do that18:14
tpbTitle: 2005 Kernel Tutorial Robert Love Rusty Russell. - ppt download (at
CarlFKall of the supporting files should be on
tpbTitle: FPGA_Linux_module · timvideos/litex-buildenv Wiki · GitHub (at
CarlFKyou don't need to know/do anything with the FPGA part18:15
aienathanks CarlFK18:16
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aienaCarlFK: hmm that process specifies downloading kernle sources first18:25
aienais the process the same for kernel 5.x18:26
CarlFKaiena: it can be.  what is best for you depends on what you are trying to do, but I would try to avoid spending time discovering what is best ....18:28
CarlFKand spend your time doing things, like download the source, build it, install it...18:28
aienaI did not get the qemu part in the slides18:29
aienai need to read up on qemu18:29
aienaalso the slides ont mentio the nuilding of the kernel part18:29
CarlFKaiena: do you have a 2nd machine to work on?18:29
aienaCarlFK: at the moment no18:29
aienahmm actually I do have a second machine18:30
CarlFKqemu will let you test in a VM, which means if it breaks you won't break the real machine you are working on18:30
aienaah so I could use virtualbox as well18:30
aienawith say USB passthrough18:30
CarlFKqemu is like virtualbox18:30
CarlFKI would avoid using real hardware until you get your printk() statements working18:31
* aiena nods18:31
CarlFKusing a real machine will likely be easier than a VM18:32
aienaI have 2 real machines I can use18:32
aienaI also happened to find the kernel source tree for ubuntu18:32
aienaall the core header files are in /lib/modules/5.0.0-20-generic/build/include/linux18:33
CarlFKworking with ubuntu's packages will be easier, once you learn how to work with them18:34
aienanods that is what I am trying to learn18:34
CarlFKworking with "mainline linux" will be easier because there is less to learn18:34
aienabut I have a doubt18:35
aienaif I build the mainline linux kernel will it replace the ubuntu one18:35
CarlFKthat is likely fine.18:35
aienaalso the linux git repo will be huge I think I wonder how much space would be needed to clone the repo18:36
aienaI mean the commit history included18:36
CarlFKyes - one moment, there is a way to not get the history...18:36
CarlFKgit clone --depth 1 ...18:41
tpbTitle: Git - git-clone Documentation (at
CarlFKyou can also find a tar of the sources, which may be better.  You should probably use a stable released version of linux, not the dev version in git18:43
aienaCarlFK: I'd like to use the same kernel version ans provided by ubuntu18:45
aienaI think the tarball maybe a good idea.18:45
aienaAlso since this is a kernel18:45
aienabut I compile and make install I have a few doubts18:46
aienaif I do a make uninstall what do I need to do to revert back to the ubuntu kernel so I don't get an unbootable system18:46
aiena*but before18:46
CarlFKit won't overwrite - you will get grub menu of which kernel you want to boot18:47
CarlFKno need to uninstall - just pick the original kernel18:48
aienaOh that is good18:48
aienaI am getting the v5.0 tarball from
tpbTitle: kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git - Linux kernel source tree (at
aienaI'll let you know when I unpack it18:49
aienathank you CarlFK18:51
CarlFKaiena: somewhere is a setting to let you add something to the version string...18:51
aienaalso I downloaded that ppt it was getting a bit tough to read it on the site18:51
CarlFKso that you see "linux"18:52
aienaCarlFK: I don't know what ubuntu's is18:52
CarlFKmyver is something you make up and set in a config file18:52
aienaI guess ubuntu may have added its own patches and bumped the version the git tags don't show much except the rest being release candidates18:52
CarlFKso that you know "this is my work" not "this is unchanged"18:53
aienaoh ok18:53
aienaso you sort of branded your compiled kernel like that so you know which kernel you're booting into18:54
aienai think its called extraversion from what I read18:54
tpbTitle: The Linux Kernel documentation The Linux Kernel documentation (at
CarlFKyes, extraversion sounds like it18:54
aienae.g. the -rc2 in the sildes18:54
CarlFKthat will make sure yours does not overwrite the installed kernel that works18:55
CarlFKbut don't be too afraid to break your machine - you know how to install, so if it doesn't boot.. start over.18:56
CarlFKit takes time, but you know how to do it18:56
CarlFKbe sure to check in your changes and push to github first ;)18:56
aienaCarlFK: yes I am not that scared I had had fun doing a chain reaction of ubuntu dist-upgrades where everything appeared fine on the surface but was so broken in weird places I just reinstalled fresh18:57
aienaand it was a breezer because it clean a lot of apt install junk I never knew I had18:57
CarlFKperfect attitude18:58
aienathe annoying part is the wait to repull deps18:58
aienamy internet conn isnt so great but its oks for kernel modules18:58
aienaI think afterwards I can experiment with a vm and passthrough18:59
aienaI think if I can get usbmon on the vm to pick up a devices raw packets I think driver rpgrammin in the VM will be same18:59
CarlFKoh you know usbmon?18:59
aienaI am aware of it18:59
CarlFKfutarisIRCcloud: do you have that usbmon video url handy?19:00
CarlFKaiena: what is your interest in usb?19:00
aienaCarlFK: I have a wacom drawing tablet and another one19:00
aienathe second drawing tablet doesnt have a driver for linux19:01
aienaand I want to make one19:01
aienafrom what I read these devices are character devices19:01
aienabecause they provide input realtime19:01
aienait was fun seein my wacom's packets through wireshark19:02
aienaI think because its pen and touch though there was lots of packet noise when the device was idle19:02
aienai don't need a driver for that though there is already input-wacom19:03
aienaits the other tablet I am interested in19:03
CarlFK              4:31:46 Accessible USB talk by Kate Temkin and Mikaela Szekley19:03
CarlFK(we did not make that video.  )19:03
* aiena watches19:04
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aienaCarlFK: have you tried out the viewsb stuff20:18
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CarlFKmithro: look for Opsis20:48
CarlFKxobs: is this your problem? I’m available for pre-order now on Crowd Supply. is 40420:49
tpbTitle: Fomu, I’m | I’m Fomu - an FPGA in your USB port (at
CarlFKKamilion: have anything like this, or know where I can get them in under a week?
tpbTitle: 12V/5V 2A USB to IDE/SATA Power Supply Adapter Hard Drive HDD CD-ROM AC DC | eBay (at
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