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xobsCarlFK: it's at the "PoC" stage now. It works, and you can run commands, but I haven't figured out what to do with it.01:52
xobsIt's on hold while I get the FAT12 bootloader up and running.  Micropython will just be another interpreter.01:53
CarlFKxobs: what cpu core?01:54
xobsCarlFK: vexriscv, based on a 2-stage pipeline, with the debug bridge.01:55
xobsNo multiplier yet, though. Still waiting on yosys.01:55
CarlFKI'm hoping to run a little (5 - 10 people) hackfest July 27 the day before PyOhio01:55
CarlFKIm also hoping to get an Adafruit  person interested in spending the day trying to get Circuit Python ported to some state01:58
xobsWe'll see how far along I get.  I have a lot of travel coming up, which means a lot of uninterrupted time to work on the bootloader.02:05
CarlFKwanna stop by Columbus OH iin 6 weeks?02:05
xobsAs much fun as that would be, it's a bit far.  But that's about the right timeline for having it finished.02:06
CarlFKI was hoping for "That's where I am traveling to, I'll stop by!"02:09
CarlFKxobs: how much of a problem would it be to try and run Circuit Python on Fomu in the current state?02:44
CarlFKlike does it makes sense for someone to plan on trying without relying on you producing something first02:45
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xobsCarlFK: it'll certainly run, but how does Circuit Python work? Does it require a filesystem?  How does it communicate?03:13
CarlFKCircuit Python is a fork of micropython03:13
CarlFKit tries to be more like C-python03:14
CarlFK         forked from micropython/micropython03:15
tpbTitle: GitHub - adafruit/circuitpython: CircuitPython - a Python implementation for teaching coding with microcontrollers (at
CarlFKthey rejected some of my patches because it would make it harder to keep the two in sync03:19
CarlFK(which is a good thing because keeping the two in sync is important)03:31
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CarlFKrohitksingh_work: can you get a to experiment with?05:31
CarlFKI'm having trouble sending commands - very similar to hdmi2usb serial problem05:32
CarlFK   has -t <n> = throughput in bytes/sec - which fixes it some of the time05:33
tpbTitle: cstream - a general-purpose streaming tool (at
CarlFK"some of the time" is still a big problem05:34
rohitksingh_workCarlFK: Hi! I'll check if I can get one from the embedded department. What issue are you facing?05:44
CarlFKrohitksingh_work: it works fine if I connect to it with a term program like this:05:45
CarlFK$ tio /dev/ttyACM005:46
CarlFK> relay read 105:46
CarlFK>relay on 105:47
CarlFK(hear the click of  the relay)  (good)05:47
rohitksingh_workokay, can you please share the firmware version, and any other relevant info05:47
CarlFKum.. how do I get version?05:48
CarlFKI should be able to do this:05:48
rohitksingh_workgreat, thanks! I'll check the embedded team. Do you have any test script which can be used to reproduce the issue?05:48
CarlFKheh - "script" is what breaks it05:49
rohitksingh_workyeah if it's possible, can you share that05:49
CarlFK$ printf "\rrelay on 1\r"|/dev/ttyACM005:50
CarlFKthat should do the same .. but it doesn't.05:51
rohitksingh_workokay, that should be enough to reproduce the issue. thanks!05:52
CarlFKpretty sure the problem is sending chars too fast05:52
CarlFKthis slows it down:05:52
CarlFK$ printf "\rrelay off 1\r"| cstream -b 1 -t 3 3> /dev/ttyACM05:52
tpbTitle: cstream - a general-purpose streaming tool (at
CarlFKbut only sometimes.05:53
CarlFKI'd like to know why it sometimes it don't work05:53
CarlFKor just make it work all the time without any filters05:54
rohitksingh_workokay, I'm checking this with the team.05:55
CarlFKthe Opsis board has the same/similar problem - I'm looking for the bug report, but it keeps moving to different repos :p05:58
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tpbTitle: serial port drops characters · Issue #13 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-fx2-firmware · GitHub (at
mithrohey rohitksingh_work!06:09
mithrorohitksingh_work: Do you want a Pano Logic + Chubby + sheet of Fomu hacker boards?06:09
rohitksingh_workmithro: Hi! I would definitely like Pano Logic and Chubby! I have around 20 Fomu FPGAs still left for giveaway, for which I'm planning for create an online campaign using Google Forms (but haven't got time to do that yet)06:19
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rohitksingh_workCarlFK: try commands using tee: printf "\rrelay off 0\r" | cstream -b 1 -t 1000 | tee /dev/ttyACM010:55
rohitksingh_workdoes it still randomly fail?11:04
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CarlFKrohitksingh_work: that works.12:43
CarlFKrohitksingh_work: but now so does this: [email protected]:~ $ printf "\rrelay off 1\r" > /dev/ttyACM212:43
CarlFKwhich I don't understand... that didn't work before12:43
rohitksingh_workCarlFK: interesting :p could you please let me know if you encounter this issue again...12:47
CarlFKrohitksingh_work: did anything not work for you when it seems like it should?12:47
rohitksingh_workCarlFK, yes at around 8500 bytes/second throttle rate, the board randomly starts missing the commands and needed to be sent the command to be on absolutely safe side I gave you 1000 bytes/sec trottle rate12:49
CarlFKrohitksingh_work: wow.  so why does it work  for me now without any throttle?   and why did you suggest tee?12:50
rohitksingh_workFirmware on the board is not very well designed to handle very high-rate stream of commands, so it can skip/miss commands if they are provided to the board at very high rate12:50
CarlFKdid you see
tpbTitle: serial port drops characters · Issue #13 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-fx2-firmware · GitHub (at
rohitksingh_workI suggested tee because you initially used "3>" to (I assume) redirect the output on console also? But that was creating problems so I used tee instead12:51
CarlFKk - that was so I could see what was happening12:52
CarlFKthere is also cstream ... -O <s> = Type of ouput file           't' = tee - in addition to outfile, copy stream to fd 312:53
rohitksingh_worknice you can try that too12:54
CarlFKI did.  seemed to work, sometimes12:54
rohitksingh_workCarlFK: I did see that issue....unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any "best" solution other than to throttle the commands12:54
rohitksingh_workCarlFK: oh okay...could you please test with the working commands and you can ping me if you encounter the issue again :)12:55
CarlFKI think there is some other problem too.  I was thinking if the device echos chars back, but if an app never receives them, maybe the OS buffers them and then blocks when the buffer is full?  (im not really good at this)12:56
CarlFKI'll put back  cstream -b 1 -t 1000 and try to catch when it fails again12:58
CarlFKthanks for helping.12:58
rohitksingh_workI would have to look into that. But afaik it was possible to disable echo, there was some command for that.12:58
rohitksingh_workCarlFK: You are most welcome! :)12:59
rohitksingh_workHeading to home now12:59
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CarlFKrohitksingh_work: take it with you.. it stopped working :p13:01
CarlFK\me grumbles13:02
rohitksingh_workthat's bad...please try after disabling echo? I've returned the board to the embedded team and they all have left now. I can check it tomorrow again.13:03
rohitksingh_workare you using some kind of "stress test" script which you are using to bombard the board with commands?13:03
rohitksingh_workbrb in about 30 minutes13:04
CarlFKrohitksingh_work: im trying to power cycle an Opsis board after flashing it's firmware13:05
CarlFKgo home, it will give me a chance to eat breakfast13:06
rohitksingh_workok :)13:07
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CarlFKrohitksingh: halp... it's making me crazy.14:57
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFK>relay on 1  <- my typing in tio, always works (assuming I spell correctly)14:58
CarlFKline 13 and 14, no relay click14:58
CarlFKline 15 - I thought pipiing stuff into tio always worked (like this), but this time it didn't14:59
CarlFK"like this" = at the console.  if I try to run it in tmux/screen/systemd, tio says: Error: Saving current stdio settings failed15:01
CarlFK          error_printf("Saving current stdin settings failed");15:01
tpbTitle: tio/tty.c at master · tio/tio · GitHub (at
CarlFKwhich is why I stopped using tio in a script15:02
CarlFKline 23,24,25 (same as 14,15) all worked.15:04
CarlFKI think tio is resetting something that needs resetting.  or something.  I don't know - this is magic to me.15:05
rohitksinghCarlFK: that is very unfortunate...I'll check it tomorrow15:05
CarlFKrohitksingh: thanks.  very much thanks.  :)15:06
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