Wednesday, 2019-06-05

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danmanHi here, I have a question about target definition in HDMI2USB09:05
danmane.g. here:
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/targets/netv2 at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
danmanthere are multiple files, each defining different class e.g.: PCIeDMASoC, VideoOutSoC, BaseSoC,...09:06
danmanhow are these glued together?09:07
danmanor am I missing something?09:08
danmanso these are for different "targets"?09:20
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mithrodanman: Hi, targets are different configurations16:00
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CarlFKTheAssassin: you are in Germany, right?   DebConf in Hamburg needs an HDMI2USB18:52
TheAssassinCarlFK: hi, yes19:34
TheAssassinI still have that digilent atlys board19:34
TheAssassinavailable for sale19:34
CarlFKhow close to Hamburg are you?19:34
TheAssassin*pretty* far19:34
TheAssassinI live in the south19:35
CarlFKok - never mind - the event is Friday, and it seems there is an attendee coming from Paris which is wehre an Opsis is, so problem likely sorted19:35
TheAssassinyeah that's way too close then19:36
CarlFKthey have a few, one was being shipped from the previous event in Brazil to Hamburg, and is caught up in customs19:36
CarlFKWhat major city do you live near/in?19:37
TheAssassinyeah well if you had told me yesterday...19:37
olasdCarlFK: the previous event was in France19:38
CarlFKoh right19:39
olasdand the customs thing is a "we misrouted the box but we prefer lying to you"19:39
TheAssassinu using a really good delivery service19:39
olasdit's the universally bad parcel service19:40
CarlFKolasd: if you want some redundancy, there is an Atlys for sale ^^19:40
olasdI'll pass :p19:41
TheAssassinworst purchase ever...19:42
TheAssassincollecting dust19:42
TheAssassinI'd make a good price :)19:42
olasdsorry :)19:42
TheAssassinit's better if someone uses that at all than having it get dusty on that shelf19:43
TheAssassinmaybe one day I can use it for something... but I really really really am not into VHDL19:43
nats`in worst case I have a genesys 219:49
nats`I can lend it19:49
nats`(I'm in paris suburb)19:49
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