Saturday, 2019-05-18

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CarlFKmithro: when mode-switch decects DNA=181818... what is spozed to happen?20:21
CarlFKmithro: it seems to just abort, but I thought it looped.  looking at the code I'm pretty lost.20:22
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kpelckmansdoes anyone have experience with the apple lightning digital av adaptor on input0?
tpbTitle: Lightning Digital AV Adapter - Lightning to HDMI - Apple (at
kpelckmansI suspect that it is not respecting the edid and just sends its own timings21:15
CarlFKkpelckmans: im not sure I have ever used that connector.  1/2 surprised to see it, but yeah, thats a thing.21:23
CarlFKdo you have mini DP?   that seems to be very reliable.21:23
CarlFKand to make you cringe, mac full sized hdmi has problems like 50%, where mini DP on the same machine works 100%21:24
CarlFKfail is: mac does 720p, but opsis looses sync every few min21:25
kpelckmansCarlFK: am trying to connect an iPad or iPhone21:26
CarlFKoh boy21:26
kpelckmansis there a way to examine what is received on input0? I have looked at LiteScopeAnalyzer, and am now building a debug version, but not sure if it will work21:26
CarlFKdo you know about H2U 01:03:20>debug input1 on21:29
CarlFKsorry, that's all I got21:31
kpelckmansdvisampler0: connected is the only message I get21:33
kpelckmansCarlFK: thanks for your suggestion!21:34
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