Tuesday, 2019-05-14

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CarlFKwoot!  pi flashed opsis!00:32
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CarlFKif I have deleted a vid from youtube, is there any chance of restoring it?  Chriss G wants to "make it unlisted and point people to the new video."02:10
CarlFKwhich isnt' a good idea, but he did ask " Is it recoverable?"02:10
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mithroCarlFK: hrm? you mean someone deleted it from YouTube?03:52
CarlFKmithro: yes03:53
mithroCarlFK: It might be recoverable? Not sure...03:53
CarlFKmithro: I searched around, couldn't find anything  - wondering if you knew.03:54
mithro"Send an email to the support team to restore lost or deleted YouTube videos from your channel. Further, your channel ought to have at least 10,000 views or are in the YouTube Partner Program. Follow these steps to contact the help support:" --> https://www.stellarinfo.com/blog/how-to-restore-deleted-or-lost-youtube-videos/03:55
tpbTitle: How to Recover Lost or Deleted YouTube videos? (at www.stellarinfo.com)03:55
CarlFKhow did you find that?!! :p03:56
tpbTitle: recover deleted youtube videos - Google Search (at www.google.com)03:56
CarlFKall the ones I found talked about other places to find the file03:56
mithroIt was the first link I clicked?04:00
CarlFKshow off :p04:19
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futarisIRCcloudCarlFK: I just saw your e-mail from two days ago, re: RV32IMAC debian.08:15
futarisIRCcloudThere is some work happening at linux plumbers' re: NOMMU linux for RISC-V.08:16
tpbTitle: RISC-V microconference accepted for the 2019 Linux Plumbers Conference Linux Plumbers Conference 2019 (at www.linuxplumbersconf.org)08:16
futarisIRCcloudSep 9 - Sep 11 in Portugal.08:16
futarisIRCcloudAlso, re: builder for rv32, we can just run things in qemu-system ...08:20
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CarlFKfutaris[m]: what email?   I just searched "sent" for RV32IMAC - no hits.14:39
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mithroCarlFK: I think he means the https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/linux-litex and might be getting you confused with ewen...16:06
tpbTitle: Google Groups (at groups.google.com)16:06
mithroOh wait16:06
mithroA person called Karsten Merker started that thread16:06
mithroYou are Carl Karsten16:06
mithroI can see how the confusion comes about :-P16:06
CarlFKoh neat16:06
CarlFKgot a sec to help me figure out the version thing?  I've been poking around those files and feel pretty lost16:07
CarlFKlike this https://github.com/timvideos/litex-buildenv/blob/master/.travis/generate-prebuilt-list.py#L191  creates https://code.timvideos.us/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt/revs.txt  which ends with v0.0.4-436-g4383c2716:08
tpbTitle: litex-buildenv/generate-prebuilt-list.py at master · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at github.com)16:08
CarlFKbut a few lines later: https://github.com/timvideos/litex-buildenv/blob/master/.travis/generate-prebuilt-list.py#L19816:10
tpbTitle: litex-buildenv/generate-prebuilt-list.py at master · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at github.com)16:10
CarlFKhttps://code.timvideos.us/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt/opsis/hdmi2usb/lm32/channels.txt  shows v0.0.4-404-g57fb82116:10
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CarlFKmithro: ^^^16:16
mithroCarlFK: What is the question?16:18
CarlFKmithro: why does channels.txt  show v0.0.4-404-g57fb821 but revs.txt  which ends with v0.0.4-436-g4383c2716:23
CarlFKmithro: or.. how do you think I should figure out what firmware rev I should be testing?16:25
mithroCarlFK: Did you go look at the CI output?16:47
CarlFKmithro: I think so.. is this what you mean?  https://travis-ci.org/mithro/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/jobs/492544580#L452116:47
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence (at travis-ci.org)16:47
CarlFKmithro:  "Downloading Linux source tree" made me wonder if I am looking at the right thing16:48
mithroCarlFK: Well, that is my private repo...16:48
mithroCarlFK: travis-ci URLs are almost identical to github16:48
CarlFKmithro: ok.. um... is this relevant: https://travis-ci.org/timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/jobs/527559076#L3187  ImportError: cannot import name 'LiteDRAMPort'16:51
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence (at travis-ci.org)16:51
mithroCarlFK: https://travis-ci.org/timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware16:56
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence (at travis-ci.org)16:56
mithroWhy are you looking at the one which is under "Allowed Failures" ?16:56
CarlFKmithro: because I'm not sure what I should be looking at :p   also it is at the top of the page and red, so I clicked16:58
mithroCarlFK: you understand travis just runs shell scripts right?17:08
CarlFKmithro: yes17:08
mithroCarlFK: So find the shell script that calls generate-prebuilt-list.py and then find it's output in the log17:09
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence (at travis-ci.org)17:09
CarlFKmithro:  ok, I see this:  svn: E175002: Unexpected HTTP status 504 'Gateway Timeout' on '/timvideos/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt/!svn/vcc/default'17:13
mithroCarlFK: Yeah, looks like our repository is breaking their subversion gateway...17:13
CarlFKmithro: should we just re-run and see if it works?17:14
mithroCarlFK: I doubt it since every build had the same failure17:15
mithroCarlFK: I think the issue is that the git checkout ends up being to big?17:31
CarlFKmithro: do you mean this returns too much?   "svn list {} {}".format(svn_args, svn_base_url).split()).decode('utf-8')17:36
tpbTitle: litex-buildenv/generate-prebuilt-list.py at master · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at github.com)17:36
CarlFKmithro:  or print("Download github pages repo...")    "svn checkout {} -q {}".format(svn_args, pre_base_url).split())  https://github.com/timvideos/litex-buildenv/blob/master/.travis/generate-prebuilt-list.py#L18317:37
mithroCarlFK: I think the way the github subversion gateway works is that it checks out the target repository and I think we run the gateway worker out of space17:37
tpbTitle: litex-buildenv/generate-prebuilt-list.py at master · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at github.com)17:37
CarlFKmithro: sounds plausible17:38
mithroCarlFK: fork the prebuilt repo and try running the subversion commands against your fork17:40
mithroCarlFK: delete a bunch of stuff from the repo17:40
mithroCarlFK: see if the subversion command works again17:40
CarlFKmithro: k17:40
CarlFKmithro:  user/pw is because anonymous is throttled right?    so I can skip this part for this test:    svn_args = '--non-interactive --username {} --password {}17:53
mithroCan't recall...17:54
CarlFKk - Ill see what happens17:54
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CarlFKmithro: ran against my fork, took 15 seconds, no error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KqWHFD56Bv/18:39
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)18:39
CarlFKrunning now with --owner timvideos ... it's been over 60 seconds, no output yet...18:41
CarlFKmithro: 133 seconds: svn: E175002: Unexpected HTTP status 504 'Gateway Timeout' on '/timvideos/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt/!svn/bc/6953/trunk/archive/master'18:42
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CarlFKmithro: I think you need to run Norton GitHub Doctor and defrag your repo :p18:49
mithroCarlFK: did you change your fork in any way?18:49
CarlFKmithro: nope18:49
mithroThat is *very* weird...18:49
CarlFKmithro: running against --owner timvideos again - very slow, but it got  furthor along18:55
CarlFKmithro: 260 sec, errored on Download github pages repo...  http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mKgyYmD6kx/18:56
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)18:56
CarlFKmithro:  time svn checkout https://github.com/CarlFK/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt  svn: E120106: ra_serf: The server sent a truncated HTTP response body.  1810 seconds18:59
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt: Prebuilt firmware for the HDMI2USB devices (such as the Numato Opsis and the Digilent Atlys board) and OS drivers. (at github.com)18:59
mithroCarlFK: I would maybe log a bug against github help?19:13
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mithroCarlFK: any luck?23:33
CarlFKmithro: no reply on #github so I sent a message to [GitHub Developer Support] Confirmation - svn: E175002: Unexpected HTTP status 504 'Gateway Timeout' (#220600)23:53
CarlFKmithro: autoreply "We wanted to let you know that we've received your message and will get to it as quickly as possible."23:54
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