Wednesday, 2019-05-08

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TD-LinuxI got hdmi in/out with a custom modeline sorta working, but haven't been able to get any uvc capture to work yet. is there a firmware version with known working pattern capture?00:06
CarlFKyes, sec..00:06
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB Firmware Versions - Google Sheets (at
CarlFKyou know about not getting uvc if you are connected to tty?00:08
TD-Linux... no I didn't00:17
TD-LinuxI'll disconnect from the tty and try 34000:17
TD-Linuxuvc is such a bad protocol :(00:18
mithroTD-Linux: A lot of it is our fault at the moment, we need to improve the UVC code...00:21
TD-Linuxthe whole having to list all resolutions in the descriptor is pretty obnoxious though00:23
TD-Linuxhow does input video resolution locking work? is it affected by the selected video mode at all?00:29
mithroTD-Linux: No00:29
mithroTD-Linux: You should see the pixel clock frequency first00:29
mithroTD-Linux: Then see the resolution00:29
TD-Linuxyeah I always see it detect pixel clock00:29
TD-Linuxbut it's struggling to get the resolution for some of my weirder modes00:30
mithroTD-Linux: You can kick the PLL's by doing a "input0 on"00:30
mithroTD-Linux: There is a range the PLLs can lock too...00:30
TD-Linuxok. maybe I need to adjust that.00:30
TD-Linuxe.g. [email protected] works but [email protected] doesn't00:30
mithroTD-Linux: What hardware?00:31
TD-Linux(both of those modes have the same pixel clock)00:31
mithro640x400 is kind of a weird mode... what is generating that?00:32
TD-Linuxthe BIOS screen of a computer. it's a "classic" vga mode00:33
TD-LinuxI didn't really expect it to work without some tweaks00:34
TD-LinuxI'm having a bit of difficulty finding the pll locking code, I assume it's all in gateware?00:36
mithroTD-Linux: It's mostly in the firmware00:37
mithroTD-Linux: pll_config_for_clock(m->pixel_clock);00:37
TD-Linuxoh that makes it easier00:37
tpbTitle: litex-buildenv/processor.c at master · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at
mithroTD-Linux: Looks like it's in the `pll.c` file at ?00:38
tpbTitle: litex-buildenv/pll.c at e260e6e0fbc8dc3136d7e85acb0134debd924da5 · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at
TD-Linuxwhere does hdmi_in0_resdetection_hres_read() come from?00:39
mithroTD-Linux: are you @tdaede on GitHub?00:40
TD-Linuxmithro, yes00:40
TD-Linux(oh I did figure out the modeline syntax)00:42
mithroTD-Linux: Autogenerated CSR it seems...00:42
TD-LinuxI think the PLL is actually working correctly, but whatever comes out of that is incorrect00:42
TD-Linux(actually the vres one seems more problematic)00:42
mithroTD-Linux: Did you find the parsing code?00:43
TD-Linuxno I just realized I shouldn't include the name of the mode00:43
mithroTD-Linux: Replied with were to find the parsing code...00:44
TD-LinuxI'll see if I can do my own build of the firmware (I don't have a spartan6 capable ISE installed atm)00:45
mithroTD-Linux: The part you probably want to look into is
tpbTitle: litevideo/ at master · enjoy-digital/litevideo · GitHub (at
TD-Linuxthanks. that looks pretty simple00:49
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MTecknologythat should be "may be", in the topic21:16
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*** CarlFK changes topic to "it may be hours until someone sees your question. This channel is logged: Mailing lists:"21:18
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CarlFKthanks.  gsoc is 'out' this year, so .. that.21:18
CarlFKanyway - I'm working on a tutorial to answer the question "How do I setup a box to record conference talks?"21:18
MTecknology"set up" ;)21:19
CarlFKyes, that.21:19
CarlFKwhich is: install debian, install voctomix, configure it.  done!21:19
CarlFKexcept the "configure" part is really: edit ansible yml files... make sure you ahve ssh keys setup.. bla bla stuff we have automated21:20
MTecknologylol... that should also be "set up"  (I couldn't refuse)21:20
CarlFKif the question is "how do you (me, carl) set up a box... the answer is: "I have a PXE server... bla bla bla infrastructure..."  and they run away21:21
MTecknologySo it's an easy process, but the config is a bit challenging?21:21
CarlFKthe devil is in the details.21:21
CarlFKit's easy to setup something, but there are lots of options.  like What time zone are you in?  do you want to live stream, to you want an IRC client setup to auto join the #conf-room channel...21:22
CarlFKwhich is overwhelming to "im new, what do I do first?"21:23
CarlFKso I'm working on: make usb stick, boot, wait 20 min, now you have something.21:23
CarlFKusb stick has debian installer, which will take a preseed file - it could be on the usb stick, but it is 'better' if it is hosted somewhere21:24
CarlFKfinal goal is hosted on a local PXE server21:24
CarlFKbut for a tutorial, I just want it somewhere easy to get to21:24
CarlFKand enough local LAN's dont do ddns or whatever which makes it 'hard' for boxA to  wget http://BoxB/d-i/preseed file21:25
CarlFKbut most lans will let you do wget file21:26
CarlFKbut... the debian installer (di) can take that URL, but it is 'better' to just pass it a hostname and let it construct it:21:27
CarlFKAPPEND --- debconf/priority=high auto=true  hostname?=voctotest domain?= ...21:27
CarlFKdi will wget
CarlFKend of that file chains another .cfg, which chains a shell script which has a line:21:28
tpbTitle: roles/tftp-server/files/scripts/ · master · Carl Karsten / ansible · GitLab (at
CarlFKwget http://$server/scripts/late_command.cfg -O /tmp/late_command.cfg21:31
CarlFK$server comes from url=... which is why we need just a hostname, not the full URL21:31
CarlFKthe end.21:31
CarlFKif you want to give it a run, I'd be delighted:
tpbTitle: System Stack · CarlFK/veyepar Wiki · GitHub (at
CarlFKsomeone did it last night, but I had 2 locations and there was a bit of debugging and patching on the fly21:34
CarlFKso it's not quite ready to submit a MR to upstream21:34
MTecknologydhcp-based dns entries are kind of a bad thing to rely on in the first place21:42
MTecknology"hw-detect/load_firmware" might be a bad thing to set, because someone might have some "special" network hardware. I've found that to be the norm rather than the exception for boxes designed to run esxi. (I don't use esxi outside of work)21:45
MTecknologyI'm not seeing where comes from, but I suspect it's downloading/installing ansible, then downloading and running a bunch of scripts.  Personally, I wouldn't trust something like that in my network.21:48 comes from....21:48
MTecknologyscripts -> ansible is just kludgy script execution21:48
CarlFKd-i preseed/late_command string cd /target/tmp && wget http://$url/scripts/ && chmod u+x && in-target /tmp/ $url21:49
tpbTitle: roles/tftp-server/files/d-i/stretch/preseed.cfg · master · Carl Karsten / ansible · GitLab (at
MTecknologyyes.. that's the line I was referring to21:49
CarlFKwhat about scripts -> ansible ?21:49
CarlFKwget http://$url/scripts - url comes from APPEND --- debconf/priority=high auto=true  hostname?=voctotest domain?= ...21:50
MTecknologyref: "downloading and running a bunch of scripts."21:50
MTecknologyso.. download an arbitrary file from an arbitrary location, and assume that it's reviewed, securely hosted/transmitted, and safe?21:50
MTecknologyYou sound like a golang dev!! ;)21:51
MTecknologyI wasted waaay too much of my life trying to get gitea into debian... :(21:52
CarlFKit is mostly all text (except the installer blobs) , from a machine, so I would trust it enough21:52 is a machine?21:53
CarlFKno - that's for my prof of concept21:53
MTecknologyeven hosted on debian.{org,net}, I still would be extremely wary of that sort of process.21:54
CarlFKthe plan is https://video.debian.net21:54
tpbTitle: Index of /pub/debian-meetings (at
MTecknologyrandom, but..21:55
* MTecknology .debian.net21:55
CarlFKit is wiping your drive and installing the OS, so it isn't like you need to worry it will dig into your secret files21:55
CarlFKand that is how we setup production boxes21:56
MTecknologyas someone that's done forensics, that's still a concern (the lowest on the list, but still there)21:56
CarlFKI can appreciate that, but not sure what to do about it21:56
MTecknologyThe bigger concern is having it crawl around and report devices found on a network, or other phone-home stuff21:57
MTecknology(it's why my plex box is locked away in it's own private vlan)21:57
CarlFKif the "how do I?" person has the know-how to understand that, they can use
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts: Support clients for Voctomix (at
CarlFKbut that starts with "Install the dependencies listed (somewhere else)...21:58
MTecknologySetting a known user/password is one of those scary things, especially with phone-home and web-accessible stuff21:58
CarlFKand assumes they are running some flavor of debian21:59
CarlFKwe tried to keep the password out of the demo - I think it may have slipped in when someone upgraded the demo files to use in production21:59
CarlFK"we run it on a secure LAN, so who cares if everyone knows the password?"  sigh.22:00
MTecknologyThe users you're describing aren't typically smart enough to understand the difference between production and development.22:01
MTecknologyI would at least recommend considering breaking this apart from a 1) plug this in, and have your system wiped to our pristine state and break it into 1) here's an easy way to install (with the user bit removed, and left as a prompt) and then 2) here's how to get the software installed/configured/running super-duper easily.22:01
CarlFKwe (about 4 or 5 people with no management) sway around all of those ideas22:02
MTecknologyLet me be your management and demand things... I'll be sure to make some of them lofty things that can't/shouldn't ever be met. ;)22:03
CarlFKswell. :p22:03
CarlFKI did just get an offer to point at my server.  not sure how I feel about thiat.22:04 always points at privately owned systems22:04
MTecknologyYou can have a tiny vps that just runs an nginx instance that redirects requests to debian's gitlab or github or wherever else.22:06
MTecknology(also, you could do it in the GCP free tier if you're not already using that capacity)22:09
MTecknologygoogle cloud platform22:09
CarlFKhow is that related to app-engine?22:10
MTecknologyI don't recall mentioning appengine22:10
CarlFKyou didn't - wondering what the difference is22:10
MTecknologydifference between what and what?22:11
CarlFKive only attended talks about appengine - not sure I have ever used it22:11
CarlFKappengine  and GCP22:11
MTecknologyappengine is a service provided on GCP22:11
CarlFKgot it - enough22:12
MTecknologyThey have a 1yr $300 credit, and an always-free tier. Depending on how you set things up, you could easily stay inside of the always-free tier and host video-setup.d.n at it to redirect as needed.22:13
MTecknologySetting a known user/pass on any deployment is kind of scary, even if it's just for a demo.  It reminds me of an employer that once thought installing backtrack on servers was a good idea.22:15
CarlFKI agree.  currently it does ask for a user/pw - but I have to admit there may also be conf files with that in it22:18
MTecknologyah, I just noticed that line is commented22:19
CarlFKits also more of using the same files for everything, and trying to make it easy to reconfigure22:20
MTecknologyI see python... do you want to work on another project, based around gitolite?!! :D22:31
CarlFKI don't but mithro does :D22:34
CarlFKoy!  wheres the bot?!!22:35
CarlFK  Name: Tim has to many projects - LatchUp Edition22:35
MTecknologyI still haven't gotten around to fixing a bunch of annoying things in DAK, and I want to get back to gitlight.22:36
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CarlFKwhat's gitlight?22:39
MTecknologya web front-end to gitolite22:39
MTecknologyThe goals are secure, stable, scalable, modular (core remains read-only), run on top of gitolite, use gitolite ACLs, and minimal.22:42
MTecknologyMy current challenge is- how the heck do I build modular views. I want something like Drupal's hook system, but trying to build that has proven extremely non-trivial.22:43
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CarlFKthat is all at my goal to get a good nights sleep once in a while22:46
CarlFKat odds22:46
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CarlFKI didn't get enough sleep last night :p22:47
MTecknologyMy client has been regularly keeping me up until ~5AM. It gets draining after a while.22:48
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CarlFKchange your timezone, makes it feel less awful.  (no it doesn't)22:58
MTecknologyI live in central time, have some early morning obligations a couple days of the week, they want me to work pacific time, and then I also get to work on bangelore hours. :S23:07
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