Tuesday, 2019-04-23

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CarlFK@CarlFK I'm not an IRC user so I'm not sure how to find the video you mentioned, but I'll likely go for one of these (or similar): https://sigrok.org/wiki/Mcupro_Logic16_clone03:59
tpbTitle: mcupro Logic16 clone - sigrok (at sigrok.org)03:59
CarlFK<- protocol bridge03:59
mithroCarlFK: Pipistrello with the Logic board is a good choice for capturing USB04:34
mithroThis is what I have been using to capture the ValentyUSB traces -> https://sigrok.org/wiki/Saanlima_Pipistrello_OLS04:34
tpbTitle: Saanlima Pipistrello OLS - sigrok (at sigrok.org)04:34
mithroAnyway, home time for me...04:35
CarlFKbring Opsis board for show n tell04:35
CarlFKI have enough for recording, but not for a bare bord04:35
xobsSpeaking of USB captures, pyusb is being weird.  It's not sending IN packets sometimes.04:59
xobsFor example:04:59
* xobs uploaded an image: image.png (92KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/QegaISCsAykwYSqVVMIeuujV >04:59
xobsIt sent a SETUP packet, followed by an OUT packet.  Both were responded to.  Then it decided to send the SETUP packet again.05:00
xobsI suppose I could add a counter, and not redo duplicated writes like that.  But I'd really like to know why pyusb is doing that.05:02
CarlFKthaytan: speed was the problem!!!05:17
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xobsOh.  Wow... Apparently that's legal.  I thought a SETUP packet had to be followed by an IN packet on the same endpoint.  But apparently that's not the case.05:49
* xobs uploaded an image: image.png (138KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/LfHtEAKSGpWsNDYLJQyrzItr >05:49
xobsSETUP0, IN1, IN0, OUT0.  This'll require some changes.05:50
thaytanCarlFK[m], glad you figured it out!06:06
CarlFK[m]I had to hook up a logic analyzer and see that the python code wasn't being interpreted as valid spi signals06:07
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xobsOkay, I managed to fix the debugger.  I'm still having other issues, but micropython is definitely allocating memory incorrectly.  It tried to print a string whose address was the same as my USB management pointers.  I think the heap isn't behaving as it should.08:26
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xobsAnd this is cool.  I can tell that it's failing in mp_map_lookup() because it's doing an unaligned access.10:52
xobsMicroPython v1.10-291-gdd7d522-dirty on 2019-04-23; fomu with vexriscv11:43
cr1901_moderndoesn't riscv support unaligned access?11:44
daveshahIt's optional11:44
xobscr1901_modern: it does! kinda. it raises an exception.11:44
daveshahon most implementations it causes a trap11:44
xobsso if it doesn't support it, it causes a trap, but you have everything you need to handle it in software.11:44
xobsHowever, the real problem was due to hardware support.11:44
cr1901_moderndaveshah: Not to be pedantic (oh who am I kidding), but I included traps under "impls are required to handle it"11:45
xobsThis is an RV32I core, which has no MUL/DIV.  I was using the wrong ABI, but weirdly the vexriscv will kinda attempt to execute a "divu" instruction.  Which corrupted the heap address, putting it in some strange offset.11:45
cr1901_modernI remember complaining a decent amount that having to support unaligned access makes space sensitive impls annoying11:45
xobsWhich caused the allocator to freak out.11:45
xobsWhich caused unalligned accesses.11:45
cr1901_modern(in my "riscv on ice40hx1k core", if I ever finish it, unaligned accesses will be microcoded)11:46
daveshahThat's definitely not compliant, it should be causing an illegal instruction tra11:46
xobsA trap would have made diagnosing this a lot easier.11:54
xobsOn the bright side, I got to take the usb debugger for a spin.11:54
cr1901_modernis that tnt's debugger or your own?11:57
xobsIt's gdb, running over openocd, connecting to the litex wishbone bridge, tunnelling over usb, connecting to the debug port on the vexriscv.12:04
cr1901_modernSorry I asked12:05
xobsI feel the need to combine various sections of that sculpture.12:06
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xobsThat makes sense -- I disabled illegal instruction traps to shrink the core down.  Duh.15:20
xobsWhen I re-enable it the LC utilization goes to 100%, and naturally it won't route anymore.15:20
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