Thursday, 2019-04-18

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mithrothaytan: I'm guessing it is the same internals as the Magwell parts - probably appears as a UVC3.0 compatible device?01:00
mithroWTF - thaytan "does not ship to the US" !?01:00
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thaytanmithro, the description sounds like it appears as a UVC device on USB 3.0, yes01:23
thaytan(is there a UVC 3.0 spec yet?)01:23
mithrothaytan: It's not USB2.0 UVC with "just faster endpoints!"?01:40
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thaytanmithro, I think that's likely (it's why I phrased the first sentence that way)04:16
thaytancould buy one and see, but I what I was really looking for is not-passthrough, but a device that acts like a virtual monitor for working with headless SBCs04:17
mithrothaytan: there seem to be plenty of options for that?04:23
thaytanmithro, I did see some, yes04:23
mithroThe magwell and clones work okay under Linux04:23
thaytanmostly either more expensive than that one, or cheaper but in the specs they quietly "capture resolution is 720p" or so04:23
mithroLike all these devices they are a bit picky with the input resolution04:24
mithroI would like to see inside it :-)04:24
mithroThe passthrough ones might work even without a monitor04:25
mithroOtherwise you can pick up "fake monitor dongles" for like $2 USD each04:25
thaytanI hear you saying you want me to buy one and check it out :)04:26
mithro(they are just an edid eeprom in a  HDMI connector)04:26
thaytanI want to be able to view the screen in some cases04:27
thaytanlike, doing dev work on an SBC while I'm travelling04:27
mithrothaytan: I would just get one of those little portable monitors04:29
CarlFKthaytan: hack your laptop to have an hdmi input:
thaytanCarlFK, such a good idea ;)04:30
thaytanmithro, nah, 1080p HDMI capture dongle will be better for testing video playback04:30
thaytan(in some cases, eventually you're right -it'll always need testing on a real monitor)04:31
thaytan though04:32
CarlFKalso, I've been trying to pick out a pico-projector - this is currently top of my list
thaytanmithro, I'll get that capture box and send you photos of the inside too04:32
thaytanCarlFK, I don't have much experience with them04:33
thaytan500 Lumens won't be super-bright04:33
thaytanno idea how annoying an embedded android OS is on such a thing04:33
thaytan720p native output is not too shabby though, for the size04:33
CarlFKthaytan: if you need a "small portable display" it might be good enough04:34
mithroBe warned the capture hardware does all types of weird things to video04:34
mithroI'm sure you will have fun :-)04:35
tpbTitle: USB 2.0 HD 1080P Video Capture Card HDMI Audio Game Recorder Converter Adapter | eBay (at
mithro$26 AUD - it is almost free!04:38
thaytanthat's one of the bait'n'switch listings04:39
thaytanonly 1 of the '3 models' is that price04:39
mithroOh well04:40
mithroI could see you doing a USB 2.0 for $30USD04:40
mithroAnyway, watching some TV before going to bed04:40
CarlFKImagine pleasant nonsense!04:41
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thaytannight night :)04:51
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futarisIRCcloud - closes in three days. 1080p or 4K portable monitor.05:07
tpbTitle: C-FORCE CF015C The thinnest 4K USB-C portable display by C-Force Kickstarter (at
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