Monday, 2019-04-08

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jaafarHello friends, is there a "turnkey" ish setup for someone of moderate technical ability who wants to record a meetup?18:44
jaafarInstructions are fine, it doesn't have to be polished18:44
CarlFKjaafar: sec...18:45
CarlFKdo you have an Opsis?18:45
jaafarI can buy one :)18:45
tpbTitle: System Stack · CarlFK/veyepar Wiki · GitHub (at
CarlFKWhat you are looking for is a goal.     we are pretty close to achieving it, but we also keep tuning/optimizing things...18:48
jaafarOK, I see... the "second box" you refer to has to be booted off a specific image?18:49
jaafari.e. it can't be just a Linux laptop someone already has18:50
CarlFKthe drive will be wiped, so doesn't matter what OS is or isn't there18:50
jaafarOK are there some system requirements for it? Sounds like it must be a specific architecture at least (given the image)18:50
CarlFKit depends on how many features you want to load up, like live streaming and animatred loops for between talks18:51
CarlFKI would start with whatever is handy and get Step One working18:51
jaafarMy requirements are: two AV streams being recorded, one from the presenter's laptop, the other from a camera somewhere in the room18:52
jaafarRemote participation is a bonus but not required for my personal step 118:52
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jaafarCarlFK: so this "second box", does it need to be x86? Can it be a RaspPi? What's the requirement there...18:53
CarlFKi3 cpu, 2 gig ram - maybe 1.  I have done it with 2.18:54
jaafarOK... so I need an Opsis and a little x86 box with a drive18:55
CarlFKfor now you need a little x86 box18:56
jaafarCarlFK: thanks for taking on the task of educating beginners. I think this will help a lot for project traction18:56
CarlFKand moderate technical ability -18:56
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CarlFKthat page I linked to was pulled out of a larger page that kept getting bigger as we tried to make it bette18:57
jaafarI'll mull this over. I know at least two meetups (one Emacs, one C++) that rarely record stuff because the process seems out of our league18:57
jaafarThey would be excited about an OSS solution18:57
CarlFKless mulling, more booting ;)18:57
CarlFKsee if it works18:57
CarlFKthere is a chance I trimmed too much18:57
jaafarOh, one more thing18:58
jaafarThe Opsis is a bare board. Can I just leave it on the electrostatic bag and plug in the cables or do I need a proper enclosure?18:58
CarlFKYou can, but it will make you nervous18:59
jaafarWhat do you guys do?18:59
CarlFKbuy a box so that you can sleep18:59
CarlFKI put it in a box18:59
jaafarMaybe put a link to one on your page18:59
jaafarYou may be overestimating our intelligence :)18:59
CarlFKOne page isn't going to get you ready for production19:00
jaafarFair enough. This may be a bridge too far for now19:00
CarlFKI;d like to hear you can create the usb stick without any problems19:01
jaafarThat should be easy to test! I don't even need hardware19:01
jaafarI mean except for the stick19:02
CarlFKI'm here for an hour, so now would be great19:02
jaafarHow big does the USB stick need to be?19:03
jaafarOK I have a suitable drive and I'm giving it a try19:07
jaafarCarlFK: ./ 62: .: Can't open configs/voctotest.cfg19:10
CarlFKdoh.  I bet I forgot to check that in...19:10
jaafarI do that all the time19:10
jaafarHey I found something yay19:10
CarlFKah - because it hasn't been merged into master yet...19:13
CarlFKhm...  Yeah, for now git checkout usb-reorg119:13
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jaafarCarlFK: not listed as a branch, I'm afraid19:15
CarlFKjaafar: ah right, my repo not upsteam repo...19:16
CarlFKmy "Start Here"  needs .. something19:16
tpbTitle: System Stack · CarlFK/veyepar Wiki · GitHub (at
jaafarOK! Things are happening now19:21
CarlFKWhere are you locarted?19:22
jaafarSF, CA19:23
CarlFKaww damm, I was just there last week19:23
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tpbTitle: EMWCon Spring 2019 - MediaWiki (at
CarlFKLivestream: (starting at 9 AM Pacific time on 4/4/2019)  thats not on any more...19:25
jaafarCarlFK: dcfldd:/dev/sdb: No medium found19:27
jaafareverything worked up to that point19:27
CarlFKdid you click the "eject" button in a gui?19:28
jaafarI did step away from my machine and when I returned it was prompting me for the root password again19:29
jaafarI will retry just that step and see19:29
CarlFKdev/sdb is your usb stick right ?19:29
jaafaryeah still doesn't work even on its own19:31
jaafarhm, well I think there's a file system on there already, is that a  problem?19:32
jaafardo I need to clear it somehow?19:32
CarlFKno - it should clobber it19:32
jaafarWell, I can mount it, and unmount it19:33
jaafarI'm leaving it in unmounted state and running dcfldd19:34
jaafar/dev/sdb2 works19:36
jaafar/dev/sdb does not :)19:36
CarlFKthat doesn't exactly make sense19:37
jaafarHm, OK rerunning mk_usb_installer using /dev/sdb2 instead gives the message "error: /dev/sdb2 is not a block device."19:38
jaafarThis stick was previously used as an install disk for an embedded Linux system, if that means anything19:39
CarlFKhow did the image get there?19:40
jaafarWhen it's automatically mounted I see two partitions (volumes?) BOOT and "Debian Inst"19:41
CarlFKthat's what this does too.19:41
jaafarCarlFK: I can't recall exactly how I had to set it up or what script did it. Some kind of image burning thing19:41
jaafarIt's been 18 months19:41
CarlFKtry using pumount /dev/sdb119:42
jaafarIs there some way to restore it to a default state?19:42
CarlFKto unmount what was mounted19:42
CarlFKif that doesn't error, then pumount /dev/sdb219:42
jaafarNothing is mounted I think19:43
jaafarError: device /dev/sdb1 is not mounted19:43
CarlFKwe are kinda fighting with the auto mount stuff19:43
jaafarError: device /dev/sdb2 is not mounted19:43
jaafarI've been sticking it in, then umount /dev/sdb219:43
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CarlFKtry using pumount instead of mount19:43
CarlFKI think that plays nicer with the auto mount stuff19:44
jaafarOK... what do you want me to do now :)19:44
jaafarnothing is mounted19:44
CarlFK./ /dev/sdb configs/voctotest.cfg19:46
jaafarOK back at it19:46
jaafarI worry that won't change anything though... stuff was unmounted before also19:46
CarlFKI'm glad it caches the large downloads19:46
jaafarno, correction, it's working!19:47
jaafarWhat was it do you think?19:47
CarlFKI think "eject"19:47
jaafarHuh OK19:47
jaafareject != umount/pumount?19:47
* jaafar is very surprised19:47
CarlFKeject does more - it dates back to CDs19:48
CarlFKIm not really sure what it does, other than say "there isn't anything here any more"19:48
jaafaroh I see19:48
jaafarnot just "unmounted" but "inaccessible"19:49
jaafarWell, it seems to be running though top shows nothing19:50
jaafaroh here we go19:51
jaafar"Please boot the target machine from the USB now" and it appears to be running a webserver19:53
jaafarCarlFK: I guess it worked?19:53
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CarlFKone problem that is annoying for a "getting started" step is how to provide files19:58
CarlFKit would be great if they were all copied onto the usb stick, but then stuff diverges from the PXE net boot version19:59
CarlFKPXE is the way to go if you have a bunch of machines, like for a conference with 3,4,5 or more rooms20:00
CarlFKbut setting up the PXE server is a pretty scary "step one"20:01
CarlFKso here we are.   usb stick, and hope it plays nice with the local networking20:01
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CarlFK  what I use for some testing.  no idea if it will be useful to you20:03
tpbTitle: usbinst/ · master · DebConf videos / ansible · GitLab (at
jaafarCarlFK: so I just run that with argument /dev/sdb?20:09
CarlFKjaafar: you will need sudo apt install qemu qemu-utils qemu-system ovmf20:09
CarlFK  7 # give user rw to usb device20:10
CarlFK  8 ### sudo adduser $USER disk20:10
CarlFKand whatever makes that 'active'20:10
CarlFKlogout/in is the easy way20:11
jaafarCarlFK: what's the purpose of the web server that's now running?20:13
CarlFKjaafar: it serves up these files:
tpbTitle: roles/tftp-server/files · master · DebConf videos / ansible · GitLab (at
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jaafarCarlFK: so the "second box" accesses them via tftp from the machine that generated its usb boot drive?20:27
CarlFKno - http20:28
jaafarah the "tftp-server" path threw me off20:30
CarlFKtftp is what PXE uses to "boot the installer"20:31
CarlFKas an alternative to making a usb stick20:31
CarlFKthis may answer questions:
tpbTitle: docs/usb.rst · usb-reorg1 · Carl Karsten / ansible · GitLab (at
CarlFKthat is the page we decided was too big for "start here"20:32
CarlFKoh oh.. 3:30  here in Chicago - I need to run - I'll be back in a few hours20:32
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