Tuesday, 2019-04-02

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abh98[m]Hello Everyone! I am a Third Year Computer Science Student from India. I am interested in contributing toward Timvideos this summer for gsoc 2019. I know I discovered this project a bit late, but still would like to proceed since I find their work quite interesting. I  have the following questions:19:41
abh98[m]1) There are these Five projects: Streaming System, Voctomix, Flumotion, Slide-lint, Veyepar. Are all of them in gsoc? Where can I find project ideas for these to submit a proposal for? I though Issue tracker shows project ideas but not all projects show open issues from the above 5.19:41
abh98[m]2) Flumotion is shown as deprecated, so does that mean its development is stopped?19:41
abh98[m]I found 19 issues currently open in the ideas issue tracker github page. Are those the project ideas? Or am I missing something, since they do not include all the projects of timvideos.19:50
mithroabh98[m]: Flumotion development has stopped19:50
mithroabh98[m]: HDMI2USB and VoctoMix are probably the highest priority GSoC 2019 projects19:51
abh98[m]Ok, so the 19 issues currently open are the ones up for possible project ideas right?19:55
mithroabh98[m]: Mostly20:27
abh98[m]Ok, thanks for the help :)20:29
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