Thursday, 2019-03-28

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shenkiCarlFK: the one from debian00:01
shenkihdmi2usb-mode-switch --mode serial00:01
CarlFKrats. well, mithro just pushed some changes last night hate haven't been packaged yet.
tpbTitle: Commits · timvideos/HDMI2USB-mode-switch · GitHub (at
CarlFKIf you can figure out how to use that .. which always makes me nervous because I never know what libs are being used by what version00:02
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shenkiCarlFK: okay. what should I use that to do?00:18
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CarlFK[m]Flash the same firmware version, maybe there's something different going on, I'm just randomly guessing now00:38
shenkiCarlFK: okay. where do I grab the latest fx2 firmware?00:41
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CarlFKshenki: the latest doesn't work.00:58
CarlFKoh, fx2 - that is all one blob00:59
CarlFKor it doesn't apply to Opsis00:59
shenkiI don't know - that's why I'm asking :)01:01
shenkiah, it loads the actual firmware over i2c. I guess that would make the i2c jumpers important01:03
shenkiCarlFK: do you know how the jumpers should be installed?01:04
* CarlFK[m] uploaded an image: VectorImage_2019-03-27_075738.jpg (8104KB) < >01:05
CarlFKlet me see if I can find some blue or white jumpers01:05
shenkihrm, the latest firmware doens't build. There's a type missmatch01:06
shenkiah ha. my 'JMAC-ADR' jumper is different01:08
shenkias is the unlabled one next to R15101:08
shenkiand JFX2-RST01:09
shenkiThey are all the opposite of yours :/01:09
shenkithat fixed it \o/01:13
shenkii have usb a video device now01:13
shenkiH2U 00:01:28>x c p e01:14
shenkiConnecting pattern to encoder01:14
shenkibut then mplayer times out01:15
shenkino frames01:15
CarlFKer... sec.. let me find what I use to test01:27
CarlFKgst-launch-1.0 v4l2src device=/dev/video0 num-buffers=3 ! jpegdec ! fakesink01:32
CarlFK  good/bad results (\01:33
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/ at master · CarlFK/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: voctomix-outcasts/ at master · CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts · GitHub (at
shenkiCarlFK: hrm. why doesn't mplayer see data?01:45
CarlFKshenki: I've learned to ignore such questions :p01:45
shenkiCarlFK: ok. what do you use to preview the video?01:46
tpbTitle: voctomix-outcasts/ at master · CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts · GitHub (at
CarlFKgst (gstreamer) is what feeds voctomix, so as long as that works, we can record talks.01:46
* CarlFK[m] uploaded an image: 20190327_211025.jpg (791KB) < >02:18
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futarisIRCcloudtinyfpga: - Cool.05:30
tinyfpgafutarisIRCcloud: :)05:31
tpbTitle: Any recs for a PCIe FPGA board for High Speed logging (Linux Kernel development) : FPGA (at
rohitksingh_workfutarisIRCcloud: thanks! I've shared it with Numato guys. The PCIe Gen2 issue has been already resolved afaik by simply upgrading to higher-speed grade of same FPGA. Plus they are going to try out Artix 200T on Aller in few days from now. The FPGA footprint is same, plus 200T will have better thermal disspation due to low thermal impedance between heat-sink and the silicon die.06:25
rohitksingh_workRAM capacity will be addressed in a future revision of Aller in ~2 months06:25
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