Sunday, 2019-03-10

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ManoHi sir01:48
ManoWho will be my mentor01:49
CarlFKWhat are you interested in?01:50
ManoC and python01:50
CarlFKgood - we like those 2.01:54
ManoThen can i start01:55
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cysysI am excited to apply for gsoc to your organisation03:41
cysysCan i work on the "Create a serial port extension board - Support both RS232 and RS485 modes." ?03:42
CarlFKrrent topic is:  read that first03:45
cysysI did go through that03:45
CarlFKCan I work on project XXX?  Yes!03:48
CarlFKStart writing your proposal ...03:48
cysysI have some doubts regarding the project03:55
cysysIs the extension board supposed to plug into the numato FPGA board04:03
CarlFKcysys: do you have a Digilent Atlys board?
cysysNo, but i can check if its available at my college and obtain it from there04:38
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CarlFKyou would also need to build a small board to route the Atlys  expansion connector to the Opsis TOFE slot04:45
cysys_I do have previous experience designing PCBs04:45
cysys_I guess it would prove useful04:46
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CarlFKor... build  your board to the Atlys  expansion connector on one edge and the TOFE on another04:47
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