Friday, 2019-03-08

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futarisIRCcloudrohitksingh_work: Any thoughts on USB3300 / USB3340 stuff? Or suggestions to help xobs debug the USB on fomu?06:21
futarisIRCcloudDiscussion is in #tomu.06:22
rohitksingh_workfutarisIRCcloud: Hi! thanks to your message to cbjamo with link to #tomu log, I saw a a heavy activity in that channel. I didn't know that it was that much active channel!! I joined it just some hour back.06:32
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rohitksingh_workI've brought a fomu to my office workplace today where I'll solder jumper wires to its test points and hook up with RasPi later in the evening today when I go back to home.06:33
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rohitksingh_workThis would be my first foray into ice40, let's see how it goes :) I'll be trying xobs valentyusb and foboot too after initial tests06:34
CarlFKrohitksingh_work: would you like to be a gsoc mentor again?  whatever you did last year was fine.07:18
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