Wednesday, 2019-03-06

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cbjamoDoes anyone know if there has been any work done on using the usb phy on the opsis. Specifically wondering about ULPI.03:02
cbjamoI gotta go, but if anyone could point me in the right direction there I'd appreciate it. I'll check the logs later. Thanks.03:24
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futarisIRCcloudcbjamo: rohitksingh made up a board for PMOD USB3300 adapter. I don't think there is any open-source gateware for ULPI.04:02
futarisIRCcloudcbjamo: &
tpbTitle: GitHub - rohitk-singh/usb-device: USB 2.0 Device IP core using Migen with out-of-box AXI Slave Interface (at
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apurvanandanHi , in the issue ,create a serial port extension board, for gsoc do we need to make the hardware also apart from writing the program for SP331.10:56
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akhil-123How has this organisation again got selected to take part in GSOC14:59
akhil-123such a bad organisation14:59
akhil-123where all mentors suck14:59
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