Saturday, 2019-02-16

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brunowolffcarlfk: I'm interested in looking at the quick start documentation, though I won't have my capture device for a while yet. I won't have a real camera for playing around initially, though I might get a chance to try on a talk later with one.19:31
CarlFKbrunowolff: hey - cool - just a sec while I see if a commit had eveything in it or not...19:32
CarlFKI was fumbeling with git add --patch.. and then again... and maybe I didn't comit that.. kinda new with --patch19:32
CarlFKgrumble.. and my docs cr's aren't cr-ing...19:37
tpbTitle: docs/usb.rst · usb-reorg1 · Carl Karsten / ansible · GitLab (at
CarlFKrun the follwing:19:37
CarlFKshould be 4 lines...19:37
CarlFKah, I need ::19:38
CarlFKok - 'done'19:41
CarlFKim guessing this isn't exactly what you are looking for, but it is the easiest way to get something working19:42
CarlFKyou can assemble everything on your personal box, but thats harder19:43
CarlFKI have used my personal box for production, but that often results in "oh, hang on.. I need to fix something"19:43
CarlFKand then a room of 10 to 1000 people are waiting on you19:44
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CarlFKhopefully you have a spare box you can install on today - i3 cpu is enough - core 2 deu .. .kinda.  it will flicker19:45
brunowolffI looked at it a bit. I think it will help some.19:46
CarlFKcan you try it today?19:46
brunowolffI don't have a spare box right now.19:46
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brunowolffI've preordered a power 9 (blackbird) but won't have it for probably a month or two.19:47
CarlFKwhat's that?19:47
brunowolffPower 9 is an ISA. Blackbird is a low (relatively) cost version with an open motherboard design. It is PPCLE. Fedora has builds for and I think Debian does as well.19:49
brunowolffI'm getting it because my current server is very old and I've run out of lots of spare parts and I want to support owner controllable computing.19:50
brunowolffSort of like I'm getting the netv2 capture card because it is tied in with a lawsuit to overturn section 1201 of the dmca on first amendment grounds.19:51
CarlFKi'm surprised you don't have spare boxes ;)19:53
brunowolffI have some interest in anisible as Fedora uses it. Though at work we (not me, but another team) use puppet.19:54
brunowolffI used to have spare boxes, but the server is about 15 years old, I think I've had it for about 10. I'm on my last video card, my last reasonably sized PATA disk.19:55
brunowolffOne motherboard is dead. Parts of the current motherboard don't work.19:56
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts: Support clients for Voctomix (at
CarlFKit's been a while since I tried that, but it might get you something19:57
brunowolffBuying parts for it is crazy as they are very expensive for what you get.19:57
CarlFKwhat distro do you like?19:58
brunowolffI use Fedora rawhide for pretty much all of my normal computers. I use openwrt for routers.20:00
CarlFKeverything is pretty cross platform,  even mac or windows should be possible20:02
CarlFKvoctomix is python/gstreamer20:02
brunowolffThe voctomix test stuff looks useful. I did see a little bit about trying that somewhere. Having something more concrete will help.20:03
CarlFKveyepar is django and
tpbTitle: GitHub - mltframework/mlt: MLT Multimedia Framework (at
CarlFKfor streaming we were using flumotion, but that is still gstreamer 0.10 which is no longer supported and who knows what it would take to install, so *shurg* youtube is super easy and it works.20:05
CarlFKdebconf-video and fosdem likely have a foss streaming solution20:06
brunowolffI don't think gstreamer 0.10 stuff is available any more in Fedora.20:08
CarlFKthe flumotion streaming server was super cool, but even when it was supported it was .. needed lots of attention20:09
brunowolffdebconf does something as I skimmed through their stuff last night, but I don't remember what.20:09
CarlFKit should be in the ansible stuff, at least the process that connects vocto to the streaming system20:10
brunowolffI saw debconf does use hdmi2usb for capture, though the netv2 is a bit different and I think it might not be supported until after units are available.20:13
CarlFKto get a head start on netv2 hacking of any kind, do the first 1/2 of
tpbTitle: HowTo LCA2018 FPGA Miniconf · timvideos/litex-buildenv Wiki · GitHub (at
brunowolffBackers should start getting theirs soon, so the hdmi2usb develpers will probably have theirs soon. Mine might be a few months away.20:14
CarlFKhave you done any work with FPGAs?20:15
brunowolffNot yet. That is something I'm interested in though, I even got a 100T instead of a 35T in case I wanted to try to do more with it.20:19
brunowolffI was disappointed to hear that being able to use a completely open tool chain for hdmi2usb is probably a year away.20:20
brunowolffI'll probably need to use my work machine for building stuff as it looks like the vivado tool set is x86_64 only, (Though ppc isn't mentioned either way in the instructions.)20:22
brunowolffMy home server is only x86_32 and while my laptops are x86_64, they're not powerful enough according to the specs.20:23
CarlFKthat spec is if you were going to be in that workshop20:24
CarlFKif you are on your own, it can take all day to build and no one will care20:25
brunowolffOh, then I might be able to use a laptop.20:27
CarlFK "About Ubuntu"  I use that for building a box that is 'easy' to install all the stuff needed for
tpbTitle: docs/usb.rst · usb-reorg1 · Carl Karsten / ansible · GitLab (at
brunowolffIt looks like there might be something new for version 2018.3 (LCA used 2018.2). They have a smaller lab edition. No PPC version though.20:35
brunowolffPlaying with the build tools early seems like a good thing for me to be doing. There is a fair amount to do there before I have hardware.20:40
brunowolffWas the 2018 fpga miniconf an official part of the conference? The openhardware miniconf looks different and I didn't see an fpga miniconf listed for 2018 (nor 2019)?20:54
brunowolffI found it. It appears that Tim runs a hackfest before LCA and it was presumably part of that.21:02
brunowolffThanks for the pointers. I have stuff to play with now and can come back later after I have digested some of it.21:09
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