Monday, 2019-01-28

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tpbTitle: Finite state machines: a design pattern for FPGAs and React : Tessa Bradbury : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive (at
thaytanthe URL and title on that don't seem to match up00:14
thaytanpossibly a talk that got rescheduled?00:19
CarlFKthaytan: something like that.  "a talk" gets hard to define in this case.  I ask for an ID.  if the data for the same ID changes, .. is it the same talk?00:25
CarlFKI could use the ID as the file name and no one would care about it not changing.  but they would care that the name is ugly :p00:26
CarlFKyes, this is a problem that should be fixed somehow. both this archive url and how the system handles this case00:27
thaytanCarlFK, you ask the deep questions00:28
CarlFKI should look at my issue tracker some day.  there might be some things in there I should work on00:29
thaytanthere was a talk at with this title, by a different person00:29
thaytanbut it's now 40400:29
thaytanand this talk is at
tpbTitle: 2019 | Presentation: Finite state machines: a design pattern for FPGAs and React (at
thaytanso I guess they reused the internal ID when it changed00:30
CarlFKI think the ID comes from the day/time/room slot table00:30
CarlFKor the ID given to me as what I should key on00:31
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CarlFKIm inspired to make a page where of slug <> slug(title)00:42
CarlFKslug() is a client side thing.  postgres doesn't care.   poor client gonna have to do all the work.00:42
CarlFKI need to stop looking at my code because I find magic = request.GET.get('magic')01:01
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xobsI'm in China right now, so I can't get to Youtube.  mithro or someone else, can you please find the talks for me and mithro from
mithroMy talk ->
mithroxobs: your talk ->
mithroDo you want the c64 fpga one as well?02:40
xobsSure, that could be interesting, and I like the C64.02:41
xobs@mithro what's the link for the C64 talk?02:50
CarlFKxobs: you should ask the guy that manages.. never mind ;)02:52
xobsThanks.  And kudos to the channel for not sending me anything involving Rick Astley.02:55
xobsmithro: The "FPGA-based mobile phone" talk was done using a FPGA-based C64?02:56
xobsWell cool.02:56
CarlFKxobs: have you made  it to Siberia?02:59
xobsCarlFK: I have! That's why I can't access youtube.03:00
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xobs^ current view from the hotel window03:01
CarlFKthat's Siberia?03:01
xobsIt's the Chinese portion of Siberia.03:01
xobsLots of Russian influence. We bought kvass from the mall next door.03:02
CarlFKhow many busses ?03:02
CarlFKwell.. better than 003:03
xobsFor context: I ordered a bus a month ago off Taobao, and wanted to confirm the guy would show up.  But the company closed down, so I ordered a second bus from a different company on Taobao.  Then they both ended up at the airport.03:03
xobs(One driver was very upset.)03:03
xobsAlso, I ordered a bunch of heat packs, and those all showed up.03:04
xobsAnd my Fomu dev boards showed up, and they're actually working.03:04
xobsThis hotel is full of wood that I'm knocking on.  Things are going too well.03:04
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CarlFKgit deploy -m "slug <> slug(title)"03:24
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tumbleweedmithro: did you forget to buy
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