Sunday, 2019-01-20

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ewenmithro: contains the change I figured out yesterday, against current migen master03:18
tpbTitle: GitHub - ewenmcneill/migen at fsm-decorator-signal-names (at
mithroewen: That looks good to me! It would be nice to have a little demo...03:22
ewenmithro: Yes, I'd like to do that too before pushing up.  But you asked about trying out that patch, so I figured I'd put it somewhere you could cherry pick if you wanted to try it.03:26
mithroewen: Yeah, that will be useful just as is to me :-)03:26
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nats`mithro, I have the genesys 2 on the desk :)09:30
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nats`uhhhmmm mithro I started to write the platform file17:21
nats`I'll have to test the build soon I think :)17:21
nats`("serial", 0,18:16
nats`        Subsignal("tx", Pins("AA19")),18:16
nats`        Subsignal("rx", Pins("V18")),18:16
nats`        IOStandard("LVCMOS33"),18:16
nats`    ),18:16
nats`in platform files how are indicated the seriel signal ?18:16
nats`in digilent doc they are given from Computer side18:16
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Tobahat flash/eeprom reader/writers are y'all using now?19:07
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tpbTitle: litex/ at master · enjoy-digital/litex · GitHub (at
xobsToba: what are you looking to flash?19:58
Tobaxobs: I'm asking for a friend, actually - any recommendation will do20:29
xobsI like Raspberry Pis, since they're so ubiquitous.  So I tend to prefer them for EEPROMS, and now with fomu-flash I have a pretty good solution for SPI flash chips, too.20:44
mithroToba: rpi is really good but a bit fiddly sometimes20:53
mithroYou can't beat them for $35 USD (or $10 for Pi Zero)20:54
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nats`ahhh.. I did exacty the same things22:11
nats`because it was no in the timvideos github...22:11
nats`anyway I learnt how to write those file :)22:12
mithronats`: cool22:15
mithronats`: the timvideos platform files are just slightly custom versions of the upstream LiteX / Migen22:16
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tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-fx2-firmware/microload at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-fx2-firmware · GitHub (at
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