Wednesday, 2019-01-16

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xobsI've got some presents for you, mithro01:25
mithroxobs: Bit long :-P01:33
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xobsIdeally I'd get cables that weren't molded with quite so much plastic so they bent easier.  But these are just about the right length.01:37
mithroxobs: Ahh I see04:24
mithroxobs: Just need more force ;-)04:28
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tpbTitle: valentyusb - Parts - Google Drawings (at
tpbTitle: valentyusb Endpoint Bits - Google Drawings (at
tpbTitle: valentyusb Endpoint FSM - Google Drawings (at
mithroewen: I'm currently on the usb12 branch07:17
ewenmithro: usb12 of
tpbTitle: GitHub - mithro/valentyusb at usb12 (at
mithroewen: Yeap!07:20
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mithroesden: The last thing I was working on on my computer was "python -m TestUsbTransaction.test_out_transfer"08:27
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mithrotinyfpga: poke!22:34
mithrotinyfpga: Could you just make me a collaborator for the TinyProg and I'll clean up the pull requests for it
mithrotinyfpga: Would be good to give me permission to the PyPi and I'll upload a new version there too -- user is mithro like normal22:37
tpbTitle: Log in · PyPI (at
mithrotinyfpga: thankyou! :-P22:38
mithrotinyfpga: You okay with me merging and other things as needed then?22:38
tpbTitle: Update tinyprog to match tinyprog 1.0.23 from PyPI by ewenmcneill · Pull Request #35 · tinyfpga/TinyFPGA-Bootloader · GitHub (at
mithrotinyfpga: I wonder if I can't see what you are writing at the moment...22:39
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tinyfpgamithro: can you see me?22:52
mithrotinyfpga: Yes!22:54
mithrotinyfpga: Working on bootloader stuff for the Tomu shortly22:58
tinyfpgamithro: awesome!!23:00
tinyfpgamithro: just fixed my login settings for mutter...let me know if you see this message now23:00
mithrotinyfpga: Yeap, seeing that too!23:06
mithrotinyfpga: And your appearing in the logs as well now ->
tinyfpgaperfect...thanks for the irc help23:06
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