Tuesday, 2019-01-15

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xobsHmm... litex-buildenv isn't working for me.  It keeps asking me for a username and a password when it tries cloning "https://github.com/nizox/tapcfg/", which doesn't exist.06:44
xobsAh, I see.  There was a change from 23 days ago that didn't make it into my locally-mirrored copy..06:45
_florent_xobs: yes the submodule should point to https://github.com/enjoy-digital/tapcfg now (https://github.com/nizox/tapcfg/ no longer exists)06:51
tpbTitle: GitHub - enjoy-digital/tapcfg: tapcfg (at github.com)06:51
xobsPython question: Why wouldn't I be able to run "exit()" from an interactive prompt? (instead I need to do import sys; sys.exit()).07:42
CarlFKexit isn't a builtin command07:45
xobsCarlFK: I thought you could run "exit()" from an interactive prompt and get it to quit, without importing it from sys.  Is that not the case?07:47
CarlFKoh this may be a change from 2 to 307:49
CarlFKmore wiat.. works for me.07:50
xobsThe problem I'm actually trying to solve is when I run nextpnr-ice40, it says "Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: unable to load the file system codec"07:50
CarlFKis this micropython?07:50
xobsNo, it's python364 from python.org07:51
CarlFKPython 3.5.2 ... >>> exit()07:52
CarlFKback to bash prompt07:52
xobsOkay, it looks like the Python zipfile from python.org is broken when you embed it.  You need to create a directory called "Lib", and then extract everything from python36.zip into that directory.07:54
xobsHooray! I have nextpnr-ice40 running on Windows again!07:57
CarlFKwoo hoo!08:01
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rohitksinghCarlFK[m]: you know how to tease!20:36
CarlFK[m]Served daily.  Hurry up!20:39
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mithroxobs: I'm going to spend the next couple of days on the USB stuff22:55
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