Sunday, 2019-01-06

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AlexJ_Hi guys - I am trying to build the gateware for PLATFORM=tinyfpga_bx but am seeing failures10:45
AlexJ_I wondered if you had any thoughts on what might be going wrong here?10:46
AlexJ_Info: Placed 13 cells based on constraints. Info: Creating initial placement for remaining 6378 cells. <snip/> Info:   initial placement placed 3500/6378 cells ERROR: failed to place cell 'lm32_cpu.instruction_unit.icache.memories[0].way_0_data_ram.mem.1.0.0_RAM' of type 'ICESTORM_RAM' ERROR: Placing design failed. 1 warning, 2 errors Traceback (most recent call last):   File "./", line 164, in <module>     main() <snip/>10:46
cr1901_modernAlexJ_: Oh whoops, I wans't paying attention. Like I said on birdsite, you need CPU_VARIANT=minimal. CPU_VARIANT=lite also works, but it's a tradeoff- 2kb of icache is 2kb less RAM for your program.11:28
AlexJ_Brill thanks - it's creating the bitmap now :)))11:29
cr1901_moderntinyfpga BX supports 4x SPI flash but you have to do something special- I forget what- to enable it (cc: tinyfpga whenever he takes a peek).11:30
AlexJ_Hoping I can get everything loaded from the onboard SPI flash on boot?11:31
cr1901_modernoh sure, it'll work. I'm just talking about speed of no cache vs 2kb icache11:32
cr1901_modern(icache is about twice as fast)11:32
AlexJ_Ah ok - thansk11:34
AlexJ_I'm imagining `make gateware-load` should work etc. etc. ?11:34
cr1901_modernYou need make gateware-flash for tinyfpga_bx. This will only update the gateware. "image-flash" will update your gateware _and_ firmware.11:37
cr1901_modernUpdating just the firmware ("firmware-flash") is unsupported.11:37
AlexJ_Great - thanks! Is this written down anywhere I might have missed? Don't want to bother you if there are docs I should be following? :)11:40
cr1901_modernI thought there was a "Makefile targets" page on the wiki (see github repo), but I can't find it right now.11:42
cr1901_modernanyways it's feasible in the future, the makefiles will be replaced? Maybe that's why there aren't any targets. Not sure.11:43
AlexJ_I'm doing all this in a VirtualBox VM. When I connect up the TInyFPGA It comes up as "InterBiometrics" and seems to lock up the VM until I disconnect. Not seen that kind of behaviour before11:43
cr1901_modern"interbiometrics" is the correct VID11:44
cr1901_modern(long story)11:44
AlexJ_ok cool ta :)11:44
cr1901_modernAre you on Windows by any chance?11:44
AlexJ_Unfortunately yes, the host is Win1011:44
AlexJ_Ubuntu 18.04 in the guest11:44
cr1901_modernI have not tested using Litex-buildenv from a guest... I tolerate doing things manually from Windows as a litex-buildenv dev from an msys2 prompt. Conda is not set up for it yet (it's on my todo list, now that travisCI supports Windoze)11:46
cr1901_modernI would recommend building everything within the guest, sending your image to the host, and manually installing/running tinyprog on the host, as I'm not in a position to test guests.11:46
tpbTitle: litex-buildenv/ at master · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at
AlexJ_great - thanks - that's what I will do :)11:47
cr1901_modernRun "make image" in your guest. That'll create everything you need.11:48
AlexJ_Awesome - I will leave that running while I am called to put the Christmas bumph in the loft :)11:49
cr1901_modernThe equivalent command for "make image-flash" is "tinyprog --program-image image-gateware+bios+micropython.bin"- you can find it in the build directory11:49
AlexJ_oh perfect - ok so I will get tiny prog sorted on the Win host and go that route. Brilliant...11:49
cr1901_modernRight, that'll let you take advantage of _most_ of litex-buildenv incl the conda env :). I am in NO position to debug Virtualbox woes11:50
AlexJ_Hehehe I don't blame you at all for that :-D ;-D11:57
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