Saturday, 2019-01-05

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CarlFKwho is doing usb audio?   what I would like: "Blips are a 1kHz tone and last the duration of the flash frame."17:25
CarlFKim assuming it would be 'easy' to do a white frame every x frames17:27
CarlFKhm, having audio on the hdmi out would be good too.17:28
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paddatrapperCarlFK: I thought it would be easy... Two years later and I still can't get the FX2 buffers to fill properly18:14
CarlFKpaddatrapper: bummer.18:15
CarlFKwhat about adding a tone to the hdmi out?18:15
paddatrapperAll possible in theory - I have no idea what the state of audio in the FPGA is though18:16
CarlFKi'm hoping a tone would be 'just' adding a bunch of constants to the existing stream.18:19
CarlFKbut nothing is ever that easy18:19
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