Thursday, 2018-12-27

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rohitksinghxobs, mithro: Hi! :) Happy hacking with tinyusb and fomu! I spot esden also in the corner11:38
mithrorohitksingh: Your at 35c3?11:53
mithrorohitksingh: Did you see I fixed the build for the Mimas A7?11:53
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rohitksinghmithro: oh, no...I just saw you and xobs in the JohnDMcmaster's tweet.13:08
rohitksinghmithro: Yup, I saw you rebuilt the Xilinx toolchain archive :)13:09
rohitksinghI'm currently trying to get video target on Mimas A7 to work13:09
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rohitksinghmithro/_florent_: can you point me how to remove/disable existing triggers in litescope?13:48
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_florent_rohitksingh: i can help but i'm not sure to understand your question sorry15:25
CarlFKmithro: are you talking?  or really, which stream should I play for the next few days?15:32
xobsHe's speaking tomorrow.15:32
tpbTitle: Schedule – 2018-12-28 | Schedule 35th Chaos Communication Congress (at
CarlFKaccording to this, there is only one track: music.
tpbTitle: Events | Schedule 35C3 Art'n'Beauty Fahrplan (ABFahrplan) (at
xobsThat's the "Art'n'Beauty Fahrplan"15:34
tpbTitle: Events | Schedule 35th Chaos Communication Congress (at
CarlFKah I see what happened.  websites are hard.15:35
rohitksingh_florent_: sorry if I wasn't clear....I meant, if I add any trigger to litescope using add_rising_edge_trigger() function and then run the analyser, but if that trigger never fires, then is there any way to disable that trigger (or force capture/fire the analyser immediately)15:54
rohitksingh_florent_: also one similar doubt: sometimes the trigger fifo becomes full (most likely because I'm not using it correctly) there any way to reset/empty it?15:55
rohitksingh_florent_: does this capture look weird to you in any way? It is the litescope capture of hdmi out core's dma and timing generator modules...I can't figure out what's wrong with the is not giving any output (not even pattern)16:54
tpbTitle: Dropbox - Screenshot_20181227_221240.png (at
rohitksinghissue is with mimas_a7's video target. even nexys_video's video target seems broken due to regression16:55
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rohitksingh_florent_: okay, further info which may help figure the issue: the vsync frequency is 6Hz instead of expected 60Hz seems to be either issue with TimingGenerator module or MMCM/PLL clock configuration in gateware/firmware....any ideas?19:39
tpbTitle: Dropbox - Screenshot_20181228_010121.png (at
rohitksingh^ first trace is of vsync from "Driver" module, second is for vsync from "TimingGenerator" module, same frequency19:41
rohitksinghokay, got it....the pixel clock itself is 6.5MHz, thanks to the help from cr1901_modern's frequency counter20:10
rohitksinghmithro/_florent_: looks like the issue might be with the dynamic MMCM configuration in firmware...trying to pin-point the main problematic code...21:14
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futarisIRCcloudrohitksingh: We were fiddling around with the clocks on series 7 FPGAs around this time last year, to get VGA out working.22:38
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