Tuesday, 2018-12-25

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xobsmithro: merry Christmas!01:04
mithroxobs: You fly out today?01:05
xobsIn that photo? That's zofzpcb trying it's best to invent a component to put on the USB connector and me forgetting to turn off model generation.01:06
xobsAnd yes, in fourteen hours.01:06
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mithroxobs: I'm just shutting down here09:55
mithroNeed to go home and pack :-)09:55
xobsmithro: safe travels, see you in Leipzig!09:55
mithroThe tx pathway seems to have an alignment issue09:55
mithroBut it seems to be /mostly/ going09:55
xobsHopefully there will be an oscilloscope at CCC.  Or that simulation catches those issues.  But hooray, that's really promising!09:57
mithroxobs: It's in simulation, so no need for anything like that :-P09:58
xobsThat... seems more portable and less requiring-of-exotic-hardware.09:59
mithroHave a safe flight yourself!10:04
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mithroHeading to the airport now, see everyone at 35C3!20:13
mithroMerry Xmas!20:13
CarlFKmithro:  have a safe flight and Merry Xmas to you too20:16
felix_have a good flight and see you at 35c3 :)21:20
cr1901_modernmithro: Merry Christmas :)21:34
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futarisIRCcloudMerry Christmas everyone. Haven't popped in for a week or so. Good to see all the progress on USB. I guess most of you are still travelling to 35C3.22:23

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