Monday, 2018-12-17

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tpbTitle: HowTo FuPy on a Digilent Arty A7 · timvideos/litex-buildenv Wiki · GitHub (at
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felix_the spispeed parameter for flashrom is quite important; if not set, it might take ages...00:32
xobsmithro: I do, and I'm working on adding qspi support to it.00:37
xobsFor some reason, flashrom on my board is completely broken.  Or rather, the spidev kernel driver is broken. It always resets CS# after every packet, and for some reason I have to set SPI_FLASH_MODE_1 in order for it to work.  I have local patches that fix that.00:38
xobsBut because the Tx and Rx pins are swapped when uploading directly, I have a version that bitbangs SPI as well.00:39
mithroI'm working on getting the Tomu programming jig going01:12
mithrodaveshah: any idea why nextpnr is failing on this ->
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence (at
mithroERROR: failed to place chain starting at cell '$auto$$6796.slice[0].carry$CARRY'01:15
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mithrodammit, I can't remember the password for this rpi01:33
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xobsmithro: tomu or fomu?02:07
xobsI've got some tools that you'll definitely want. Nothing that's completely fleshed out yet, though...02:21
xobsYou need to manipulate the Hold and CRESET pins properly to talk to the spi flash.02:21
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CarlFKpzieba[m]1: +UPSTREAM_GITREV=v0.0.4-418-ga33050b05:08
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daveshahmithro: no, please supply the json09:48
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CarlFKhey.. sys.path is "just a list" so why would printing it crash?14:44
CarlFKthere is some code to construct it at boot, but that's not what is crashing.14:44
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cr1901_modernmithro: Just learned about this: So... all my issues wrt getting CI working for Windoze are null and void.16:25
tpbTitle: The Travis CI Blog: Windows is Available (Early Release) (at
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tpbTitle: GitHub - q3k/chubby75: Linsn RV901T HUB75 LED "Receiver Card" Reverse Engineering (at
mithrocr1901_modern: I still think anything needed to support Windows is going to be needed to be done for travis too22:33
CarlFKmithro: neat - I'm packing up camers etc to video Kattni's CPX talk in a few hours - see ya22:34
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cr1901_modernmithro: Can you elaborate? My original approach was to just have the Ubuntu versions of gcc for Windows generate all the binaries. This doesn't change if I use Travis for Windows. What _does_ change, however, is that I'm no longer fighting conda every step of the way b/c I no longer have to use conda's weird cross-compiling process.23:33

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