Thursday, 2018-12-13

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TD-Linuxhey, is timvideos adjustable to account for super weird scan rates?02:52
TD-Linuxlike 24khz02:52
mithroTD-Linux: 24kHz? or 24Hz?02:55
cr1901_modernIs this for an arcade monitor resolution or something?03:39
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xobsDoes anyone have a build of NextPNR for Windows?  I haven't yet managed to build one that actually runs...06:25
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xobsEvery time I run "nextpnr-ice40.exe" it telle me "Fatal Python error: PyThreadState_Get: no current thread"08:55
cr1901_modernLooks like nextpnr uses something called CirrusCI. Only testing Linux right now. Perhaps Windows build should be tested too?12:42
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xobsI filed a bug, and it seems like it's a build configuration issue.  I have Python37 installed, and they use vcpkg to install all dependencies, but cmake is opting to use C:\Python37 instead of the one installed by vcpkg.13:04
xobsUnfortunately, cmake is really really hard to debug.13:04
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xobsOh.  So the problem seems to be that they want me to uninstall Python from my system and install an older version.  Python doesn't seem to support multiple installs, and nextpnr requires a very particular version (3.6.4).13:18
cr1901_modernThat's... really weird/dumb ._.13:19
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xobsYeah, annoying I can't use nextpnr without uninstalling Python.13:26
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tmmmcci@mithro: hey, sorry I missed this yesterday13:43
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xobsWoo!  Python refuses to install multiple copies using the built-in installer, but of course zipfiles don't know any better.  So by extracting the zipfile to C:\Python36, and manually specifying three cmake variables, I finally have nextpnr building and running!14:16
cr1901_modernExcellent! :D WHat a beautiful (horrifying) workaround.14:17
xobsI think it all comes down to boost-python being terrible.14:17
xobsIt's difficult to compile, so the nextpnr people use vcpkg to download it as a package.  But vcpkg only has python-3.6.4, and it's not the full interpreter, so you separately need to install a python.exe.  But because python versions are not compatible, you need to somehow trick it into installing two.14:18
xobsAnyway, back to making a campaign video.14:19
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TD-Linuxmithro, 24khz horizontal scan. cr1901_modern, yes.19:19
TD-Linuxin particular, pairing with an ossc for adc (but maybe a custom board later)19:20
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TD-Linuxanyway maybe I'll get a numato board and hook it up to the ossc to try out20:43
TD-Linuxproprietary vga capture cards are notoriously flaky (and widely used for game streaming)20:44
mithroTD-Linux: what vsync?22:03
TD-LinuxPC-98 line on
tpbTitle: Optimal timings - Classic Console Upscaler wiki (at
TD-Linux(and many other modes not listed on that page that are similar)22:08
mithroTD-Linux: Yeah - 56Hz should be fine22:40

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