Tuesday, 2018-12-11

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xobscr1901_modern: will you be at CCC, by any chance?00:56
xobsdaveshah: I was genuinely happy when timing failed. I've run into timing closer problems with arachne, but they were more "in-the-field" types of failures.00:57
daveshahxobs: analysis is the big reason to use constraints right now00:59
mithroxobs: I doubt he will be01:22
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xobsIn case anyone else finds it useful, I just re-wrote assygen.py so it works now, and is compatible with Python3.  It also understands drill origin offsets, and lets you specify the indicator size.08:05
xobsIt lets you generate assembly documents such as this: https://git.xobs.io/xobs/tomu-fpga/src/branch/dvt/hardware/releases/dvt1c/tomu-fpga_assy.pdf08:06
tpbTitle: xobs/tomu-fpga: FPGA implementation of Tomu - hardware/releases/dvt1c/tomu-fpga_assy.pdf at dvt - Gitea: Git with a cup of tea (at git.xobs.io)08:06
xobsIt's at https://github.com/xobs/kicad-fab-tools08:13
tpbTitle: GitHub - xobs/kicad-fab-tools: Create .csv files from KiCad .pos files, suitable for a PnP machine (at github.com)08:13
tannewtlooks good xobs!08:20
xobsthanks! I guess I'm at a point now where I can clearly identify Python code written by a C programmer.  And assygen.py was clearly that.08:23
tannewtadafruit has a lot of that too :-)08:29
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cr1901_modern>mithro: xobs: I doubt he will be <-- mithro knows me well :D11:53
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mithroxobs: :-P what about C code written by a python person?19:19

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