Friday, 2018-12-07

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mithrotannewt: afternoon?00:52
mithrotmmmcci: ping?00:53
tannewtI'm around00:53
mithrotannewt: Say Hi to tmmmcci - he is working on a combined Lora + UP5K feather board00:54
mithrotannewt: and wants to use our bootloader00:54
tannewtnice! I saw that on ask an engineer00:55
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mithroOr atleast did until he found out it was Python based :-P00:55
tannewtawesome! hows it coming for you mithro?00:55
mithroI haven't had a chance to touch it00:55
mithrowas at the RISC-V summit all this week and sick over the last weekend00:55
tannewtah, that sounds awesome! I'm looking forward to the videos being posted00:57
tannewtespecially about the risc-v contest00:57
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tannewtadafruit just started carrying the tinyfpga bx too01:02
mithrotannewt: No real info in videos about the risc-v contest01:04
mithroThis doc is really interesting ->
tannewtopened in a tab01:10
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cr1901_modernmithro: My problem w/ picoblaze is that you can't use it in non-Xilinx FPGAs and there aren't good assemblers for it.01:57
mithrocr1901_modern: Yeah - I don't think you should use picoblaze, but it has lots of interesting information about designing CPUs01:58
cr1901_modernwhitequark is working on a "picoblaze that doesn't suck" called Boneless for a vt100 emulator she's making.01:58
cr1901_modernalso, that paper relies on dist ram, and _some_ popular families don't have that :P02:02
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tmmmcci@tannewt @mithro Tim, thanks for the pointer on registering the nickname. Looks like I'm here...15:02
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