Thursday, 2018-11-29

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mithroWell, I've now run into an issue00:03
mithrothe lm32 cpu doesn't seem to compile with icecube200:03
mithroand the io doesn't seem to work with nextpnr00:03
cr1901_moderncc: daveshah :)00:03
mithrotrying with arachne-pnr now...00:05
mithroAfter placement:00:09
mithroPIOs       11 / 6300:09
mithroPLBs       856 / 96000:09
mithroBRAMs      32 / 3200:09
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mithroarachne-pnr can't route 3-4 lines...01:07
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mithroWelp, arachne-pnr doesn't work with the litex bridge version either....01:17
mithroOh, it seems the bridge version is now working in nextpnr!02:23
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mithrocr1901_modern: I've got a job for you :-P03:07
mithrotannewt: ping?03:43
mithrotannewt: As far as I can tell, the hardware is working - I just now need to get the software right...03:44
tannewtmithro: can you sniff the usb traffic through litescope still?03:46
cr1901_modernmithro: Oh?03:57
mithrotannewt: I have my pipistrello sniffing the traffic03:58
tannewtis it getting anywhere?03:58
mithrotannewt: It sends the first setup packet and then everything is naked03:59
mithrocr1901_modern: bram patching!03:59
cr1901_modernisn't that already doable in ice40?03:59
tannewtand its acked? on linux thats the get descriptor right?04:00
tannewtis the usb interrupt working?04:01
mithrocr1901_modern: In litex04:02
cr1901_modernahhhh, hmmm04:03
mithrotannewt: I don't think tinyusb is getting the first setup data04:03
mithrotannewt: And I'm unsure the correct behaviour of tinyusb anyway...04:04
tannewtIts usually that the usb interrupt handler is called and it calls dcd_setup_received to queue the packet04:05
tannewtshould it be in here: ?04:07
tpbTitle: tinyusb/dcd_valentyusb.c at develop · mithro/tinyusb · GitHub (at
mithrotannewt: can we just start with polling?04:07
tannewtsure we can hack it04:08
tpbTitle: tinyusb/usbd.c at develop · mithro/tinyusb · GitHub (at
tannewtI think thats where you'd want to add a call to fake the interrupt04:09
mithrotannewt: Just trying to get back to a working bios so I don't have to rebuild gateware every time I updated tinyusb04:19
cr1901_modernmithro: Not sure how I should go about this... this is a litex/misoc-specific feature, so prob easiest to generate a script to reinitialize the bram and run that.04:21
cr1901_modernif reinit_bram=True or something04:21
mithrocr1901_modern: maybe a "make firmware-patch" ?04:35
cr1901_modernhmmm, that prob works, but you'd need to also run a make target before hand w/ zero-initialized BRAM too.04:40
mithroI wish I could turn off SOF tokens....05:21
mithrotannewt: In the isr what functions should I be doing?05:29
tannewtfirst is dcd_setup_received05:49
tannewtmithro, did you take a look at the porting guide?05:50
mithrowhich one?05:50
mithroDid you update it?05:50
tpbTitle: tinyusb/ at develop · hathach/tinyusb · GitHub (at
tannewtyup yesterday05:50
mithroI hadn't reloaded...05:51
tannewtmerged this morning05:51
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mithroShould %hhu give ma a print of a uint8_t ?06:21
tpbTitle: Snippet | IRCCloud (at
mithrostart xfer d:1 e:0 l:006:25
mithrowhy am I getting a zero length transfer?06:25
tannewt@mithro is that in? it is used for control status phase06:46
mithrotannewt: Hrm?06:52
tannewtwhats the direction of the zero length packet?06:53
tpbTitle: USB in a NutShell - Chapter 4 - Endpoint Types (at
mithroOUT: If the host sent OUT token(s) during the data stage to transmit data, the function will acknowledge the successful receipt of data by sending a zero length packet in response to an IN token. However if an error occurred, it should issue a STALL or if it is still busy processing data, it should issue a NAK asking the host to retry the status phase later.06:54
tannewtright, is that not happening for you?07:02
mithrotannewt: I'm adding a test case for it now07:02
mithrotannewt: I didn't have a way to send zero length packets previously....07:52
tannewtah! get it going?07:53
tpbTitle: Snippet | IRCCloud (at
mithro<artificial>:(.text.dcd_poll.constprop.18+0xa0): undefined reference to `memset'08:57
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mithroThat is very weird09:06
mithroI had to set memset as "__attribute__((used))"09:06
cr1901_modernwhat the ._.?09:07
cr1901_modernmithro: Brain's kinda fried atm, I'll finish the bram upload when I wake up09:07
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mithrotannewt: I am pretty sure the hardware is working but I can't get tinyusb to work17:41
mithroWould you be able to give it a bit?17:41
mithrotannewt: I think we are taking to long to respond, so the host is resetting things18:04
mithroI need to reenable the instruction cache18:04
daveshahmithro: alternative option is to copy code to spram at startup18:09
mithrodaveshah: currently still working on the bx18:09
daveshahAh, I see18:10
daveshahI'm too excited about finally having a bootloader for the UP5k :P18:12
tannewtmithro: I should have time this evening to look18:14
mithrodaveshah: Should be pretty easy once the tinyfpga-bx works18:20
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CarlFKwho is our local qemu x86 expert?  Spectre V2: Spectre mitigation: LFENCE not serializing, switching to generic retpoline22:58
CarlFKshorne: ^^23:40

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