Monday, 2018-11-26

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mithrotannewt: okay, I've actually reworked the interface, now each endpoint just has a fifo01:18
tannewtmithro, how big is it?01:28
mithro512 bytes01:28
tannewtah, for each? nice!01:28
mithroI think this is the quickest way to get this working...01:31
tannewtthats a good place to start01:31
futarisIRCcloudmithro: 512 bytes for each endpoint fifo should be enough to get it working for CDC.01:38
mithroGuess it's time to test on some real hardware01:53
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mithroIn [7]:
mithroOut[7]: 12704:07
mithroWhat did we decide that 80 06 00 01 00 00 40 00 was again?04:14
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mithrotannewt: --->
mithrotannewt: On real hardware!04:46
mithrotinyfpga: ^04:47
cr1901_modernmithro: Excellent work :)04:48
mithroLots of things I'm not happy about....04:49
cr1901_modernAre most of them "5280 LUTs just isn't enough"?04:49
mithrocr1901_modern: Nope!04:50
futarisIRCcloudmithro: Great work!04:54
tannewtmithro: awesome work! Did you get cdc going?05:27
mithroCDC serial port of Clock Domain Crossing?05:28
mithroThe second one works05:29
mithroNeed the software to do the descriptor stuff05:31
tannewtAre you using a riscv core? Tiny usb shouldn’t be too bad to port05:34
futarisIRCcloudThe software to do the descriptor stuff?05:34
futarisIRCcloudI haven't used tinyusb, but it looks like it would do the job.  I've used btstack, and it is a small embedded bluetooth / bluetooth le stack, for embedded systems.05:37
futarisIRCcloudOnce the stack is up, the simplest demo would probably be a USB UART device...05:39
tannewtI can help with tinyusb. I just added samd support  and am working on stm06:01
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