Saturday, 2018-11-24

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futarisIRCcloudmithro: Happy Birthday.01:38
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tannewtanyone know of a standard way for arm socs to declare their memory structure? kind of like svd but that can be used to generate a linker script?18:37
TobaWhat idiot called them arm socs when they could have just said gloves?18:45
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mithroxobs / tannewt: Any idea how long after an EOP I should be sending the next SOP?20:04
tannewtI think that's lower than I've worked20:04
tannewtis that for faking a host?20:04
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mithrotannewt: After a DATA packet you have to send a ACK / NAK20:09
tannewtI don't know of a time limit20:09
tannewtmithro, I know it can be quick because I had a bug with a USB3 host20:23
mithro7.1.18.1 Low-/Full-Speed Bus Turn-around Time and Inter-packet Delay20:23
mithroA device must provide at least two bit times of inter-packet delay20:24
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tannewtmithro, are you close to needing the  software for the usb? I got a makefile compiling for the tinyusb demo on samd chips22:31
mithrotannewt: Getting close22:31
tannewtnice! I have my bxes here now too22:32
xobsAlmost wishing I'd brought my reworked PCB with me that was USB capable... Nice work mithro!22:33
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