Wednesday, 2018-11-21

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mithrotannewt: Any chance you could write me a simple Python file which generates all the needed USB-ACM CDC descriptors into a binary blob using Python?01:24
tannewtmithro, I'll have more (maybe too much) time starting tomorrow evening after my fiancee leaves for a vacation. So night I probably won't have time01:36
mithrotannewt: No worries01:39
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mithrohey felix_01:50
mithrohey futarisIRCcloud01:50
futarisIRCcloudHey mithro01:51
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CarlFK[m]Kamilion mithro Do you have a ThinkPad power supply I can borrow/ have?  Round plug04:27
mithroCarlFK[m]: Round plug might be hard, could check when I get home04:27
Kamilionuh, only one I see around is the D plug04:27
CarlFK[m]Kamilion have any i7 laptops for sale?04:28
Kamilionthat's a very vague question though, lol04:29
Kamilionconsidering there's eight generations of i704:31
Kamilioni7 first showed up in 2008 ;)04:32
CarlFK[m]Iv been thinking I need a newer laptop.  Mine has some crackers in the case and the keyboard is starting to fall, again04:32
Kamilionbuy a clevo, lol04:32
CarlFK[m]Cracks.  Maybe crackers too04:33
CarlFK[m]Wats a clevo?04:33
Kamilionone of three major laptop manufacturers you've never heard of but has built a sizable number of the laptops other than apple that you've seen out there.04:33
Kamilionthe others are Compal and Quanta.04:34
Kamilionthe three big laptop ODMs04:34
tpbTitle: Clevo N850EK1 15.6" Core i7 GTX 1050 Ti Gaming Laptop | AVADirect (at
Kamiliondon't mind all the gaming babble04:36
Kamilionyou want *any* entry level geforce card for video editing with adobe though04:37
Kamilionwhich means you're already looking at a ~$800+ laptop04:37
Kamilionthe clevos at least have the advantage of ease of long term maintinence04:38
Kamilionsager and many others brand them as their own models04:38
CarlFK[m]I don't do adobe.  The ThinkPad had Intel graphics I think04:40
Kamilioneh, if you're not using mercury, there's no real point in having GPU accleration at all; it's easier to take advantage of intel's Quicksync accleration in the processor.04:41
Kamilionlotta people complain about the keyboard on that one though04:42
Kamilionit's funny, I hear a lot of people complaining laptops are getting too small and thin now04:43
Kamilionoutside of the aluminium macs, the plastic crap from everyone else like toshiba breaks with ease04:43
Kamilionif I wasn't doing accelerated video editing, I'd probably just be using one of the cheap $95-120 intel tablets.04:44
CarlFK[m]I want a keyboard04:47
Kamilionokay, that costs a LITTLE more04:47
CarlFK[m]And I do  video encoding on it.04:48
Kamilionthis will probably already kick the shit out of your thinkpad, except for libreboot compat04:49
Kamilionthere's others, search for "Z8350 64GB"04:49
Kamilionmore than $280 is too expensive.04:50
Kamilionexample, here's a name brand with the same setup, but much uglier04:50
Kamilionwhat I was TRYING to say though04:52
KamilionThis is very similar to that more expensive z8350, but a little slower on the CPU side.04:52
KamilionHere's the thing though04:53
CarlFK[m]Don't care about libre boot core.04:53
Kamilionat $95 each, BUY F--KING FOUR, and do four encodes at once.04:53
Kamilionyou get sixteen cores for $40004:53
Kamilionand each one's a full hd screen you can use for other stuff or just turn the screen off and let it continue encoding04:54
Kamilionthey have batteries, ETC ETC04:54
Kamilionthey have decent 802.11N 450mbit wifi04:54
KamilionI showed you that little hdmi capture dongle right?04:55
Kamilionit's what I plug into my tablet, which I then plug into the canon D340004:56
Kamilioncheap ass clone of the magewell adapter04:57
Kamilionpretty much HDMI to TDMS to UVC Webcam.04:57
cr1901_modernmithro: Pretty sure I figured out why icebreaker riscv is crashing04:58
Kamiliononly, the one I picked up has inappropriate HDCP keys! :D04:58
cr1901_modernI forgot to do something important in the startup code- copy .data section to RAM04:58
Kamilionas long as I use amcap or vlc to open the capture device, I don't get any lag.05:00
Kamilionthe rediculous thing?05:00
Kamilionwhatever hdmi chip they used in it is a full on television system on chip. you get a bouncing "No signal", and overlays of "HDMI1  1920x1080" like a cheap flat panel TV05:01
Kamilionit's no wonder that it has no problem with hdcp content05:01
Kamilion"yk752", branded as a 4K capture dongle... it will display a picture if fed with 4K signal, but can only *record* at a scaled 1080p.05:02
Kamilionyeah. Technically it shouldn't be allowing capture of HDCP content.05:03
Kamilionbut as far as it's concerned it's a television-on-chip connected to a UVC webcam chip05:03
Kamilionwith the LCD panel output fed to the webcam chip's input05:03
Kamilionthe nice thing? Captures weird resolutions too. Just scales them to 1920x1080.05:04
Kamilion720x400 early BIOS startup screen? No problem.05:04
Kamilionin fact, it's actually kind of annoying because it makes it impossible to get pixel perfect screenshots.05:05
Kamilionbut it sure is a clean capture!05:06
Kamilionno speckle or jitter between the television chip and the webcam chip.05:07
Kamilionhard to find 'em now05:07
Kamilionthey were on amazon for like, four months, and then people caught on that you could record PS4's HDCP output and it got yanked05:07
Kamilionstill, $57 was and still is an unbeatable price point05:08
Kamilioneven if it IS lying about being 4K05:08
CarlFK[m]57 is nice05:18
cr1901_modernmithro: Once this is commited, icebreaker's LEDs will work from micropython: cc: _florent_05:21
tpbTitle: libbase/crt0-picorv32: Add support for .data sections. by cr1901 · Pull Request #127 · enjoy-digital/litex · GitHub (at
cr1901_modernAlso cc esden05:28
futarisIRCcloudKamilion / mithro / CarlFK[m] : YK931 looks similar to YK752. - Says it does 4K30, but I suspect it scales it to 1920x1080 ...05:31
tpbTitle: Riiai YK931 USB 3.0 4K HD Game Capture Card Box 1080P Live Streaming Game Recorder for PS4 Xbox - (at
esdenohh is that progress on litex for icebreaker? (as that is a board with limited memory resources?)05:31
cr1901_modernesden: Yes, I just got it to correctly boot micropython with LED support05:32
cr1901_modernbefore tonight, micropython booted, but it crashed when accessing LEDs05:32
Kamilionsame box, only with hdmi passthrough05:32
cr1901_modernb/c I forgot to copy the .data section to RAM (oops)05:32
esdenhehe ;) I need to test it finally... need to make some screenshots/GIFs showing litex running on the icebreaker :D05:33
esdencr1901_modern: hehe... that would explain a crash indeed :D05:33
cr1901_modernmithro: Can you run ./ for me?05:34
cr1901_modernwithout the overhead of a PR?05:34
futarisIRCcloudRiiai YK961H -
tpbTitle: Riiai YK961H 4K 1080P Game Playback SDI Capture Box Mic Input PS4 Set-top Box BV 889251534034 | eBay (at
futarisIRCcloudRiiai YK763 PCIe -
tpbTitle: Riiai 4K HD Game Video Capture Card PCIe Live Streamer Recorder For OBS XSplit 889251365041 | eBay (at
Kamilionbeware the pcie device, it requires fucky drivers05:37
mithrocr1901_modern: I always send a pull request so travis checks it...05:38
cr1901_modernOh well, then I might as well do it then05:38
tpbTitle: Updating submodules. by cr1901 · Pull Request #106 · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at
mithrocr1901_modern: When travis goes green, will merge05:42
futarisIRCcloudA lot of those sellers on eBay seem to sell YK752 too. Try messaging them...  There is also the YK762H and YK940.05:43
tpbTitle: Lets Take A Look At Both The YK930 and YK940 (at
Kamilioni watched reviews on them all on youtube before buying two of the YK752s05:52
Kamilionmainly because it was the physically smallest unit of them all05:52
Kamilionand I didn't wanna lug around anything big with my tablet05:53
KamilionI've got one of the nice thin monoprice redmere HDMI cables05:53
Kamilionso it's no more obtrusive than a USB charger cord hanging off the tablet, pretty much05:53
Kamilionand having the HDMI passthrough makes no sense for me; as the whole point of me having it was to use the tablet as a spare screen05:54
Kamilionalso, beware the hdmi passthrough unit -- it doesn't break HDCP, and you have to have a monitor plugged into the passthrough or it doesn't get an EDID05:54
Kamilionthey're still bouncing around ebay though05:56
Kamilionprice has gone up or I got it on sale for $5705:56
Kamilionnot a bad deal for adding HDMI input to a 8" windows tablet.05:56
futarisIRCcloudYep. ~70 USD / 100 AUD seems ok price for the YK752 ... Monoprice redmere goes up to 100ft.05:57
Kamilionwon't last long though, the word is already out that it bypasses HDCP05:57
Kamilionso get while the gettin's good05:58
Kamilionspits out a nice 35mbit stream dump, plenty of data to have xvid or x264 throw away during psychovisual encoding06:00
Kamilionand get down to the nominal 7-10mbit youtube 1080p bitrate06:00
tpbTitle: USB FHD Drive-free 1080P 60FPS Live Streaming Video Capture Box For PS3 PS4 Wii Support XSplit OBS VLC - (at
Kamilionbut it's got "Live streaming" branded on the plastic; and it pretty much only lives up to being a decent OBS source for a playstation four or xbox one06:01
KamilionI did try plugging it into my phone, downloading their software, and capturing output that way too. Worked alright. Spits out 1080p h264 files, nothing special06:02
Kamilionleast the android software was in english.06:03
futarisIRCcloudmithro: Looks good.06:06
mithrofutarisIRCcloud: Is the USB requests line wrong? The first two transfers were naked....06:07
futarisIRCcloudmithro: NAKed? Not sure why the first two were.  Maybe CRC16 wasn't correct because of some reason?06:11
mithrofutarisIRCcloud: Well, I deliberately naked it06:11
_florent_mithro: hi, i'll have a look at your litescope issue in 30 min06:16
futarisIRCcloudmithro: ? Does it handle NAKs correctly?06:37
tpbTitle: New protocol decoder: USB request | The ever-expanding world of sigrok (at
* xobs uploaded an image: IMG_20181121_145015_BURST3.jpg (108KB) < >06:57
xobsManaged to get the board to boot, load a bitstream, flash some LEDs, and the clock even works with the dead-bug 48 MHz crystal.06:58
mithroxobs: lol :-P06:58
xobsHooray for FPGAs.  If one pin doesn't work, just use a different one.06:59
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mithroxobs: yeah :-P07:00
xobsAlso, the icestorm stuff is fantastic.  Just shout the .bin file over SPI and the ICE40 gets programmed.07:01
futarisIRCcloudxobs: "just use a different one" - sometimes it doesn't matter if someone routed the PCB incorrectly.07:04
xobsfutarisIRCcloud: yeah, I'm super lucky that I routed the only other gbuf line to a pin that's easy to hit.07:05
xobsAnd SPI flash booting works!  I just need to work around a Raspberry Pi SPI issue where it doesn't honor the cs_change flag, and resets SPI_CS after every transaction.  Solution: do it all in one transaction.  Today has been a good day.07:56
xobsNow the only big question mark is USB.07:56
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mithroxobs: What I'm not sure I understand about USB is when it is valid to change the EP you are requesting?08:36
xobsmithro: At any time.  It's part of the SETUP, IN, or OUT packet.09:08
xobsPackets always come in threes.  The first is a SETUP/IN/OUT, which includes the EP number.  The next is a DATA, which comes either from the host (SETUP or OUT), or from the device (IN).  Then comes an ACK/NAK.  So you can get a different EP any time you get a new SETUP/IN/OUT packet.09:09
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esdendoes anyone here still need a 35C3 ticket?20:54
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mithrocr1901_modern: Merged!21:37
CarlFK[m]mithro check your hangouts please :p22:02
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cr1901_modernmithro: Excellent23:46

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