Friday, 2018-11-16

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mithrotannewt: ping? I have USB questions :-P00:41
mithrotannewt: Also, I assume your tinyfpga-bx hasn't turned up yet?00:42
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tannewt@mithro sorry tab hadn't loaded01:33
tannewtnope but it shipped01:33
tannewtDoes @mithro work or does it need to be mithro ? (I’m used to discord)01:41
mithroAnything with mithro works01:57
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tannewtHaha ok. I’m out to dinner now but will be around tomorrow at least03:30
tannewtMaybe later too03:30
mithrotannewt: I had forgotten how the address assignment stuff works, but I re-read the spec03:36
tannewtFirst packet has address zero and then the software should set it based on the setup count03:51
tannewtEr packet03:51
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tannewtNrf auto sets it while atmel makes you set it04:02
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mithrotannewt: I'm working on things here ->
tpbTitle: GitHub - mithro/litex-buildenv at tinyusb-work (at
mithroStill fighting with the USB interface and trying to get it going.05:18
tpbTitle: GitHub - mithro/valentyusb: USB Full-Speed core written in migen/LiteX (at
xobsMy boards should get here Monday...05:27
tannewtmithro, hows it going?05:55
mithroGoing to pick up 20 assembled prototypes05:56
mithrotannewt: still trying to figure out the exact state of the stack05:57
mithroI've got litescope compiling05:57
mithroCurrently running into
tpbTitle: ERROR: No wire found for port PACKAGE_PIN on destination cell SB_IO. · Issue #120 · YosysHQ/nextpnr · GitHub (at
tannewtsorry, I have no experience with that06:05
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felix__florent_: have you thought about renaming transceiver-test into for example liteGT? when i looked at the gtp stuff in the begin of january i wasn't really aware that it has about 70% of the code i planned for the project i planned to call liteGT; the -test in the name a bit misleading. or would a lot of things break by renaming a repository?21:26
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_florent_felix: the code is in liteiclink22:07
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felix_ah, haven't seen that yet22:22
felix_yep, that looks like what i was looking for22:24

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