Wednesday, 2018-11-07

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KamilionCarlFK[m]: pong00:16
CarlFK[m]Kamilion: check your email 😋00:17
CarlFK[m]Kamilion: I need 10 pci 90s, and some pci power plugs, and if I could have out in your office for a few hours soldering some stuff...00:19
Kamilionuhhh, I'm not following...00:22
KamilionPCI 90s?00:23
Kamilion... PCI power plugs? ... What the hell is a PCI power plug?00:23
Kamilionsorry, I had a late night last night working on some microcontroller stuff00:24
KamilionI don't think we have any PCI stuff at all anymore... maybe some PCI-X network cards00:25
KamilionI've got a DEC 21040 PCI NIC hanging around somewhere still, but it doesn't work with anything modern, since it requires edge triggered interrupts and we use level triggered and MSI-X interrupts now00:26
CarlFK[m]PCI 90-degree risers? That let you stick a card in a 1U box00:29
Kamilionyeah, we don't have any PCI stuff anymore. all PCIe00:30
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Kamilionthat's PCIe power00:30
Kamilionor commonly referred to as GPU power00:30
CarlFK[m]Pcie, right00:32
Kamiliondistracted a lot right now00:33
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Kamilionon the horn with a friend blabbing about his rust server00:33
CarlFK[m]Heh.  I'm helping a friend pack up his office00:37
Kamilioni think we have some pcie risers00:40
CarlFK[m]Yay.  I liked the samples you gave me last time, with ribbon cable to make the turn00:41
Kamilioni doubt we have anything like that left00:42
Kamilionthis is pretty much all I have for a single slot riser00:42
CarlFK[m]<freenode_Kam ""> Shucks.  I still need 10, can I stop by tomorrow or Thursday?00:46
Kamilionsure, you can stop by; I dunno if I have anything useful, but sure, you're welcome to my soldering iron01:15
Kamilioni'm low on thin solder though01:18
Kamiliononly got the thick "electrical" solder left01:18
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CarlFK[m]Do you need me to pick you up a roll from Fry's?01:24
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Kamilionsure, they should have some Delta brand 0.032" 3.3% flux 60/40 for about $2, item id 445531601:49
Kamilioncrap, my BMC just crashed, gonna have to reboot and lose my scrollback02:43
KamilionHrrm, got everything squared away for today, I guess.03:12
KamilionWe've got lots of redundant power supplies; but a scarcity of desktop PSUs, so I'm afraid there's nothing we have with PCIE power03:13
KamilionI've got at least two modular supplies, but I'm missing all the modular cables; since we've been using them as motherboard testers for a long time03:13
KamilionI know we have some of the 8 lane PCIE risers; not sure if we have any sixteens03:14
Kamilionand the machines with the ribbon cable risers have long since been EOL and been torn down03:15
Kamilionthey've been throwing away fans by the boxload because we simply don't have enough room to store small parts efficiently03:16
Kamilionyeah, I don't think I have anything that can fit that milkymist board03:17
KamilionTOFE's pinout of the power pins appears to be incompatible with the supermicro risers and the capacitors on 'em.03:18
Kamilionat one point we had some unbranded passive risers that were straight through03:20
Kamilionbut all the risers I have now have conjoined pins for the PCIE grounding03:20
Kamilionlemme pop the dvx100's crate open and give the batteries some juice.03:23
Kamilion"Get it Thursday if you order within 15 hrs 20 mins and choose paid Local Express Shipping at checkout"03:47
Kamilion"Get it Thursday if you order within 4 hrs 15 mins and choose paid Two-Day Shipping at checkout"03:50
Kamilionthat shipping option is $18ish03:51
Kamilion"Order total:    $108.29"03:51
* Kamilion aborts the order03:51
Kamilionboth of those are straight through X8 ribbon extenders "for mining" so as far as I can tell, none of the pins are tied together; thus it should work fine with TOFE.03:52
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felix_i'm currently working on a design in migen/litex and wonder what's the best way to instantiate multiple instances of one component and also connect the inputs and outputs (output of each component ends up in one bit of a signal that's the output of that whole module)18:57
felix_or to rephrase the question: when i write something like "for i in range(channel_count): self.submodules += Foo(i)" how do i acccess the outputs from Foo?19:00
felix_well, from the instances of Foo19:00
felix_does passing the target signal as parameter to the constructor of Foo work?19:04
CarlFKmithro: ^^^ hi felix_!19:06
felix_hi CarlFK19:06
felix_i'm currently trying to build a design to test the axiom-photonsdi-hw board; got a really neat idea from herbert from apertus to output a different binary number (or ascii character if the values are in the right range) in uart style on each pin going to a connector, so that you can check all connections with just a logic analyzer or even a simple usb uart thing19:09
felix_oh, wait, i think i have a better idea for the implementation; just using one module, but an array of signals should probably also do the trick with even less logic being generated19:12
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felix_is there a simple construct in fhdl that's equivalent of (others => '1') or (others => '0') in vhdl?20:52
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felix_somehow i have the impression that i'm looking at the wrong place for documentation or that the documentation is a bit lacking :/20:53
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felix_how do i iterate over an array in a fsm act block or is that not possible?21:17
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