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nrossimithro: if you are still around. Managed to get Vivado to install and vivado --help run entirely within the OE build. However it does have the draw back of being copied once (to store it in sstate). Have not had a chance to test ISE though03:02
mithronrossi: Is there a way to "provide" vivido as part of the host/building system? I think RP had a suggestion?03:24
nrossimithro: yes there are a couple of ways, probably the most effective is to have a recipe that provides some wrapper scripts in the recipe sysroot that just source the xilinx tools and call the associated executables03:36
mithronrossi: That actually sounds reasonable pleasant because it seems like you could have *either* it is installed in the sysroot via your method above **or** you provide the fake wrappers which shell out to your host?03:56
mithroshorne: I see you just pushed a "OpenRISC GCC Toolchain 9.0.0-20181026" ?03:57
nrossimithro: yep exactly, and you can select which one using a PREFERRED_PROVIDER setting03:57
mithroThat is "interesting"  -- Release: GCC 6.5Release date: October 26, 201803:58
mithroIs GCC 6.5 a "long term supported" release or something?03:59
nrossimithro: isn't 6.5 the last of the 6.x tree?
tpbTitle: Jakub Jelinek - GCC 6.5 Released (at
mithronrossi: That is what I mean, is the GCC 6.x tree special in some way?04:00
mithroOh interesting - "This is also the last release from the GCC 6 branch"04:02
mithronrossi: I'm very interested in see if you put together all the stuff you have done, does is actually create something similar to litex-buildenv but "better"04:08
futarisIRCcloudnrossi: Me too. Where is your OE stuff?04:09
nrossimithro: the xilinx tools stuff is just wip commits on the meta-hdl "wip" branch
tpbTitle: GitHub - nathanrossi/meta-hdl at wip (at
nrossiand the openrisc changes are on a oe-core branch here: (i plan to submit some of that upstream after oe-core does their imminent release)04:15
tpbTitle: GitHub - nathanrossi/openembedded-core at nrossi/or1k (at
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mithronrossi: Could we maybe put a "burn down" or similar type of "thing needed to still be done" list in the doc at ? -- I'm a bit unsure about how close / far away we are from being able to replicate litex-buildenv style functionality.....05:18
tpbTitle: Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. (at
nrossimithro: sure, but out of query is the desire to have it capable of building the HDMI2USB project at first?05:20
mithronrossi: The first targets would be - HDMI2USB firmware, Linux, bare metal MicroPython (and maybe Zephyr)05:21
mithronrossi: The order isn't all that important I guess?05:21
nrossimithro: no not really, just want to make sure I have something to target :)05:22
mithroMicroPython is kind of my current focus05:22
mithroAnd it does have the advantage of being able to be small enough to sensibly usable on the iCE40 devices which have the open toolchain while also working on the "big" boards too05:23
mithronrossi: Did I share ?05:23
tpbTitle: HowTo FuPy on a Digilent Arty A7 · timvideos/litex-buildenv Wiki · GitHub (at
mithronrossi: So maybe it makes sense to target the MicroPython initially?05:24
nrossimithro: sure i will target that first05:24
mithronrossi: FYI - If it turns out that doing things this way with Yocto / OE works well enough that I can throw away conda+crappy shell scripts and do more actual interesting FPGA work, then I will owe you big time!05:27
nrossimithro: :) we will see05:27
cr1901_modernnrossi: Does yocto/openembedded build on Windoze?05:28
nrossicr1901_modern (IRC): it can target mingw. But for building on windows no. WSL though i believe has had some success05:28
cr1901_modernHrm, that's prob gonna be an issue. The conda situation isn't great, but with the present setup it's possible to use litex-buildenv under an MSYS2 environment05:29
cr1901_modernif you're careful*05:30
mithronrossi: What is the difference between "building" and "targeting" ? Do you mean you could build an SDK package which lets someone do "development" on windows, but not build the whole thing?05:30
nrossimithro: yer, so you can get it to build the tools (gcc, qemu, iverilog, yosys, etc) that will run on windows. But running bitbake/OE/yocto itself on windows is just in general a no go05:31
cr1901_modernmithro: That's actually fine. I think the idea was to try to use travis for all deps nyway.05:32
nrossiAlso as soon as you want to build things like the Linux kernel your just gonna have a bad time trying to do that one windows05:32
cr1901_modernbuild linux on Windows is most certainly not supported right now as-is anyway05:32
cr1901_modernit _may_ be possible from an msys2 prompt05:32
nrossisure, but if thats a future goal to support with litex then you are likely unable to support that for windows05:33
nrossialso, whilst you might be able to build the kernel, building the rootfs and programs will prove challenging ;)05:34
mithronrossi: qemu all the say! :-P05:35
mithronrossi: What about Mac?05:35
cr1901_modernAs long as one can _use_ litex-buildenv from Windows after the switch to yocto, then I don't really have a problem with building all the deps on linux/travis05:36
nrossimithro: same a windows, and likely in a broken state as it is not well supported by yocto (meta-darwin)05:36
mithroWe don't support Mac *at all* at the moment05:36
nrossimithro: well, it is something that could be improved, there are other users out there that have asked about macos support with yocto05:38
mithronrossi: Someone was playing with the idea of using wine to run ISE / Vivado on Mac -- I think they got it to install and compile stuff but never got around to integrating it into the build environment...05:39
nrossimithro: interesting, although i imagine that it would be more functional to build open tools for macos no?05:40
mithroYes :-)05:40
mithroIt was more impressive just from actually making it do something other than just segfault (segfaulting seems to be the natural state for vendor released toolchains ;-)05:42
nrossicr1901_modern (IRC): just for curiosity, your reason for using windows, choice? or work enforced?05:42
nrossimithro: yes, even on the supported distros apparently :)05:42
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nrossimithro: added a table to the doc for the lite-buildenv components and the state for it in OE06:13
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rohitksinghcr1901_modern: looks like your patches in OpenOCD have been merged now! :)16:10
cr1901_modernrohitksingh: Holy smokes, so they are :o...16:13
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mithronrossi: Thanks!19:49
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CarlFKmithro: you wrote this for me in .. 2012 or something:
tpbTitle: veyepar/ at master · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
CarlFKin #positivepython  techalchemy: wow that is super awesome, mind if i swipe it?21:07
CarlFKme: yes21:07
CarlFKhere to pass on the thanks21:07
mithroCarlFK: Ha - I'm not sure I actually wrote that...21:08
tpbTitle: Making fixunicode more robust and also fix stderr. · CarlFK/[email protected] · GitHub (at
CarlFK2014 - close enough21:09
mithroCarlFK: -- looks like that came from you?21:09
tpbTitle: print unicode chars out to term · CarlFK/[email protected] · GitHub (at
mithroI just cleaned it up21:10
CarlFKI'm guessing you wrote it and I commited it21:10
mithroCarlFK: I think it came from ?21:11
tpbTitle: History for python/ - mithro/rcfiles · GitHub (at
CarlFKthat explains how you wrote it as fast as you did ;)21:12
cr1901_modern Huh... is the SPI flash core really that small...21:18
cr1901_moderneven a minimal UART is like 100 LUTs21:18
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