Tuesday, 2018-10-16

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mithroshorne: Your latest gcc should be in conda now04:07
xobsIs anyone aware of any tools that work with SVD files?  I'm looking for something that can generate register map documentation from an input SVD...04:58
rohitksingh_worklooks like this may work? https://pypi.org/project/cmsis-svd/05:00
tpbTitle: cmsis-svd ยท PyPI (at pypi.org)05:00
rohitksingh_workhaven't used it though myself05:00
xobsrohitksingh_work: nice find!  That could be used to parse an SVD file and create a Sphinx plugin to render them that way.05:03
rohitksingh_workxobs: yup! It would be useful for Sphinx docs, or situations such as working with etherbone etc05:06
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xobsWith enough tooling, it could be useful to have litex also generate SVD files. Which can automatically generate header files, and e.g. Rust accessor modules.12:22
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rohitksinghcr1901_modern: ping!13:04
rohitksinghxobs: indeed! it could be a better way than csr.h / csr.csv system which we currently use in Litex13:11
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mithroxobs: I had thought about that :-)14:42
xobsthat was one question I couldn't get answered at orconf: how should open source hardware generate those nice PDF reference manuals we all know and tolerate?14:44
xobsThe best answers I got were "sphinx" and "asciidoc".  So that's a start.14:44
mithroSphinx is the best answer15:16
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shornemithro: thanks, I saw the note on github.21:58
shorneFYI, I wont have a lot of time during the day from now, I started my new job21:59
mithroshorne: Okay, no worries22:45
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