Sunday, 2018-10-07

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mithroshorne: Is or1k in upstream gdb?01:56
shornemithro: yes, for bare metal debugs02:36
shornei.e. not linux apps (yet)02:36
shornemithro: the sim build is coming along, it seems litex added verilator --threads support (a new feature in litex).  The debian version of verilator does not support threads yet, but I think your conda version does.02:37
mithroshorne: Maybe02:37
shorneDo you have any good way to not wait so long for getting results from a travis build?02:38
mithroshorne: Cancel the ones you don't care about?02:38
shorneI see02:39
mithroshorne: I generally try and run things locally first02:39
shorneI have created a docker image that kind or reproduces the environment...02:39
shorneyeah, it works locally, just the travis image is so different then my fedora workstation, hence the docker image02:40
mithroshorne: Got a link to th elogs?02:42
shornemithro: the line is here:
mithroshorne: You can enable travis on your own repo02:52
shorneyeah, I was thinking to do that too, also my repos have "debug" access02:52
mithroethernet.c:6:10: fatal error: event2/listener.h: No such file or directory02:55
shorneI think that was fixed...02:56
mithroshorne: 181d890363bb23ac5275cb41feb3b4914711d158 ?02:57
tpbTitle: Merge aece561e401dfc981d27e75994d3fd07f73cf69c into 0eab7302da7584eee… · timvideos/[email protected] · GitHub (at
shornemithro: you gave a commit id?  event2 missing was due to missing libevent2-dev package02:58
mithroshorne: Ahh02:58
shorneI added it to .travis.yml... which brings the question, should I add that to too?02:58
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mithroshorne: So, typing "make gateware" seems to start verilator and start the HDMI2USB firmware?03:01
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shornemithro: yes, its part of the build _run_sim(), is that not normal? It seems the same on arty if I recall03:04
shornemithro: did your <enter> work? after typing 'help'?03:04
mithroshorne: Well, "make gateware" not ever ending means the travis build will fail03:04
mithroshorne: no03:05
shorneok, ill change the build to no longer do that then03:06
shorneneed to debug the <enter> think too.  I debugged the uart and can see the letters being typed03:07
shornemithro: but I didnt see <enter> characters coming through, it might be a termios thing03:08
mithroshorne: The problem is likely \r\n verse \n03:08
shornethe code dues try to inter an03:10
shornemithro: verilator stub does try to insert a '\r' it might be wrong03:11
tpbTitle: litex/serial2console.c at master · enjoy-digital/litex · GitHub (at
mithroshorne: Can I push to your branch?03:12
shorneshorne: what do you mean by push?03:13
mithroshorne: I have two minor fixes to your change03:13
shornemithro: oh, I didnt see your changes03:15
shorneI keep force pushing updates03:15
shornelike a few minutes ago03:15
mithroshorne: Yes, and I want to force push to your branch too03:15
shornesure, do you want me to give you access?03:16
shornemithro: do you need access?03:16
mithroshorne: I think I can already because of your pull request03:16
mithroshorne: 383c8be72f1d9287a98fbd3a068887fdcad2f96f03:17
shorneok, let me see03:17
mithroshorne: Didn't fix the `make gateware`issue though03:18
shornemithro: I see , b/scripts/enter-env.sh03:22
shornemithro: looks good, I got it03:22
shornedid you see my comment about the firmware.fbi in `targets/sim/`03:22
shornemithro: I dont think we should be creating the file name there, but we are...03:23
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shornemithro: for one we do it in, for 2 the current way doesn't support '.linux'03:26
shornemithro: I saw this error too03:28
shorneI had to edit the installed verilator  .h file03:28
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shornesomething wrong with how they define the #ifdefs for defining fatal_difference()03:30
mithroYeah, looks like "#if defined(VL_THREADED) && defined(VL_DEBUG)"03:32
shornemithro: on my file /usr/share/verilator/include/verilated.h03:32
shorneyead, I changed to03:32
shorne#if defined(VL_THREADED) //&& defined(VL_DEBUG)03:33
shornewe probably need to send patch upstream03:33
shornebut I didnt have time yet ;)03:33
shorneWe could also patch the .cpp file I guess03:34
mithroshorne: Looks like it's already upstream03:37
mithroshorne: Should be updated in conda soon03:39
mithrooh look, riscv is also in gdb 8.203:44
shornemithro: cool, sorry baby woke up will be away04:02
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