Friday, 2018-10-05

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shornemithro: great, the binutils stuff is signed off02:22
mithroshorne: Now need to test it with Linux / bare metal / etc02:23
mithrocr1901_modern: How goes the ice40up5k?02:53
cr1901_modernmithro: Finding a good UCF for the board has been difficult, so I'm currently looking at the schematic02:56
cr1901_modern(the 5k-evn board)02:56
cr1901_modernso in a word, "it could be better"02:57
cr1901_modernadditionally, I'm still concerned about space usage of even a base system on the 5k02:57
cr1901_modernI won't know for sure until I test it, but even a base system only has about 400 LUTs free (lite CPU variant)02:57
cr1901_modernerrr, let me rephrase02:58
cr1901_modernOn 8K boards, LUT is about 4600-4800 w/ lite CPU variant. 5k has 5280 LUTs02:58
cr1901_modernthat's not gonna be enough to really extend from a base target02:58
shornemithro: binutils is now upstream, but we probably want to wait for next release02:58
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shornesim travis is failing14:42
shornethis is a strange issue, its complaining that "ROM contents not found! build/sim_base_or1k/software/firmware/firmware.fbi"14:42
shornebut... the firmware.fbi is built in the previous step and is there14:42
shornesome kind of race condition14:42
shorneneed to figure it out.14:42
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mithroshorne: Okay, I'll take a look18:14
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shornemithro: its due to FirmwareROM, which looks for rom filename during construction __init__()21:35
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shornewhich is done when the SoC is constructed21:36
shornebut since you need an SoC to build the firmware it can't work21:36
shorneI have and idea21:36
shorne*an idea, either21:40
shorne1. Use a sidderent SoC in for firmware and gateware21:40
shorne2. try to change FirmwareROM to lazy load date21:40
shorne*data, instead of requireding data only during construction21:41
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shornemithro: actually, it looks like this is alredy fixed in litex soc Builder() which has a hook for initialize_rom22:03
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shornemaybe thats for bios not H2U firmware22:11
shorneok.. .I fixed it22:25
cr1901_modernmithro: FYI the up5k-b-evn board doesn't have serial. So a user will have to do the _tiniest_ bit of soldering to get access to the serial port on one of the unpopulated headers :(23:36
cr1901_modernOf course I don't care about having to do soldering but it's kinda user unfriendly :(23:37
mithrocr1901_modern: Well that is stupid23:42
cr1901_modernI mean... yea, it is. But not much I can do about it23:43
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