Sunday, 2018-09-23

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mithroOh wait07:48
mithrothat link probably won't work for you07:48
mithroshorne: Take a look at
tpbTitle: Branches · mithro/qemu · GitHub (at
mithroshorne: It should be one branch per peripheral / feature that needed upstreaming07:48
mithroshorne: A bunch of the stuff is non-unique to litex too (IE the mdio stuff)07:49
shornemithro: ok07:49
mithroshorne: Hopefully you have the or1k changes already upstream07:50
shornemithro: yes, all of the target related changes should be upstream.  When I rebased the litex branch there were no or1k target patches07:51
mithroshorne: Great, worth checking or1k branchs07:52
mithroshorne: is also pretty generic (spi bitbanging support)07:53
tpbTitle: hw/ssi: Generic support for SPI bitbanging. · mithro/[email protected] · GitHub (at
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shornemithro: I saw this patch when rebasing the litex patches, I noticed "Copyright (c) 2008 .."08:14
shorne(for the record)08:14
mithro_florent_: FYI - You might find this doc interesting ->
tpbTitle: litex/litex/build/sim at master · enjoy-digital/litex · GitHub (at
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cr1901_modernxobs: Remember how I discussed some things about LiteX that were in theory supported, but aren't really? Well, here's one of them:
tpbTitle: Add support for LiteX boards which run their main program from flash. by cr1901 · Pull Request #51 · fupy/micropython · GitHub (at
cr1901_modernProbably the best I can do to explain it :P12:48
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xobscr1901_modern: I see what you mean.  How difficult is it to wire up?13:20
cr1901_modernProbably has more overhead on agreeing what we should _actually do_, as opposed to doing it :P13:21
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mithrocr1901_modern: Happy to test things15:59
mithroOMG! It's almost green! ->
mithroxobs: When I merged that, it should fix the vsyscall issue16:04
cr1901_modernmithro: See privmsg :P16:06
CarlFKmithro:                                                     Latest commit                92d6c11              11 days ag16:13
tpbTitle: GitHub - timvideos/qemu-litex (at
CarlFKmithro: which makes me think it dosn't have the "serial" thing fixed?  (or I may have lost track of time.. )16:14
mithroI'm on a train, so my internet is unreliable16:14
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xobsmithro: yay!17:11
mithroand now I have a template, I should be able to upgrade gcc to a version which has risc-v support17:12
cr1901_modernmithro: Cool, I see you added sh2 to the list17:13
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mithrocr1901_modern: Did that a long while back17:23
mithroshorne: If I want  a gcc 8.2.0 with or1k support, I should clone your gcc repo?17:29
cr1901_modernmithro: Do you agree w/ this comment for now? B/c I don't feel like waiting lol17:30
tpbTitle: Add support for LiteX boards which run their main program from flash. by cr1901 · Pull Request #51 · fupy/micropython · GitHub (at
mithroJust getting off a train now17:33
* cr1901_modern is gonna start on Arty S7 stuff in parallel. If things go right, assuming violation of Murphy's Law still keeps holding, I should be done in a few hours17:43
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cr1901_modernI overestimated how productive I was gonna be today20:12
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