Monday, 2018-09-17

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mithrocr1901_modern: How do we just make the tinyfpga_bx build using nextpnr by default?02:33
cr1901_modernmithro: Probably easiest way is to add an entry to buildargs in as follows >>04:08
cr1901_modernif isinstance(platform, tinyfpga_bx.Platform):04:09
cr1901_modern    buildargs['use_nextpnr'] = True04:09
cr1901_modernmithro: In any case, migen just got the following change:
tpbTitle: build.lattice.icestorm: write build script even on dry run. · m-labs/[email protected] · GitHub (at
cr1901_modernnextpnr is now the default04:20
cr1901_modernsince this commit also has some useful side effects, I think I should just pull this commit into litex, update the submodule, and then only nextpnr is supported.04:21
cr1901_moderni.e. if a user _insists_ on using arachne, they can use "-Ob use_nextpnr False" on the command line04:22
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cr1901_modernmithro: ^^ How does the above sound?04:48
mithrocr1901_modern: Sure SGTM04:51
cr1901_modernlooks good to me :)05:16
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cr1901_modernmithro: Are you still awake?06:29
cr1901_modernI'll have PR done by the time you wake up. I've been multiplexing pretty badly and need a break for now06:54
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mithrocr1901_modern: Nope!17:55
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mithrocr1901_modern: So, what's the solution for the nextpnr?19:03
mithroERROR: Command syntax error: Unknown option or option in arguments.19:05
mithro> synth_ice40 -top top -json top.json19:05
mithroIt appears our Yosys is too old...19:11
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tpbTitle: NeTV2 - PVT Validation, Firmware, Scale-up | Crowd Supply (at
futarisIRCcloudShame there's no way to still order a 100T NeTV2v2, if you didn't already order one.23:55
mithrofutarisIRCcloud: I might have a way if you really want one....23:58

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