Saturday, 2018-09-15

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CarlFKany mac users?21:16
CarlFKon mac (host)  x86-qemu running linux (guest), I have a usb ext4 fs - how do we get those files into the vm21:17
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CarlFKnever mind, plan C: put the files on a 64gig SD card meant for my camera21:35
CarlFKthat was 1/2 full of video files22:08
CarlFKand fat32, so no 18gig tar file22:08
CarlFKso format it hpfs22:11
CarlFKexcept linux really wants to mount that ro22:12
CarlFKsudo apt-get install hfsprogs ... sudo mount -t hfsplus -o force,rw ... success!!!22:12
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ewenCarlFK: In case it helps later, I'd probably have just mounted the ext4 file system as a drive into the Linux (qemu) environment, and copied the files there.  As usb-storage or similar.  (Or dd the file system off the USB stick and mount it as a file.)22:15
ewenCarlFK: There is an OS X Fuse ext4 file system (read only): (which I think is in MacPorts / Brew), but I don't know how stable it is.22:16
tpbTitle: GitHub - gerard/ext4fuse: EXT4 implementation for FUSE (at
CarlFKewen: ok, I lied.  or ai was misled.  it was Vbox vm.22:20
CarlFKgoogles finds people complaining about it not mounting block devices or something22:21
ewenAh, not mounting block devices makes it a *lot* harder :-)22:22
ewenGlad you found a work around.22:23
CarlFKrsync Xilinx_Vivado_SDK_2018.2_0614_1954.tar.gz22:23
CarlFK 18,373,537,572 100%   24.36MB/s    0:11:5922:23
ewenAh, yes, the joys of trying to copy > 4GB files between hosts with only FAT as a common file system...22:27
CarlFKnow the mac local drive doesn't have enough space22:40
CarlFKdone for the day23:14
CarlFKand heading to dinner23:14
CarlFKhours later - the 2 tar files are on the mac.  and i think the xilinx.lic file arrived too.23:25
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