Friday, 2018-09-14

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xobsI thought the static linking was a different issue related to legacy vcall tables.  But the end result is the same -- incompatibilities across various platforms.04:16
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cr1901_modernmithro: This should be resolved now05:00
tpbTitle: Add TinyFPGA BX Platform by cr1901 · Pull Request #55 · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at
cr1901_modernIdk what we should do about pattern.c or arachne-pnr. What you decide is probably fine05:00
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shorneCarlFK: I saw on your profile SJSU, me too, go spartans :)14:08
shorneI graduated around 2003 though, not sure how much overlap14:09
CarlFKshorne:   neat!  I grew up in San Jose, left in the 90's  for a job near Chicago, where I am now.14:10
shorneCarlFK: I grew up in southern california then ~4 years at SJSU graduated compe then moved to China then Japan, where I am now.14:13
shorneMoved for a job too14:14
CarlFKaww shucks - I will be visiting mom in SJ soon, and mithro is around there too14:14
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shorneCarlFK: someday we will have a meetup that I can join :)14:31
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mauz555anyone have an idea of how to compile riscv-gnu-toolchain-gcc without stdlib ?21:43
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