Thursday, 2018-08-09

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cr1901Reproducible build is impossible I believe (b/c Xilinx does stuff behind the scenes even if you set the seed)00:01
cr1901Oh I see your footnote00:03
cr1901>hdmi2usb-modeswitch was suppose to fulfill this role but has been doing a bad job at it00:05
cr1901What do you mean? Should  the xmodem functionality make firmware update seamless regardless of your terminal?00:05
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cr1901mithro: Is it more accurate to say "lxbe-tool is a wrapper over litex-buildenv that further automates the build process"?00:11
cr1901B/c it doesn't seem like litex-buildenv is going away from your doc00:11
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mithrocr1901: vivado seems like it does okay01:17
mithrocr1901: lxbe-tool mostly replaces the scripts/ directory and a bunch of other tools...01:17
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rohitksinghfelix_: Hi! finally got around to taking a look at your axiom sdi design. From my point-of-view (FPGA and MGT section), it is quite great. I see you have gone with DC coupling of GTP tx lines from FPGA to output driver.15:22
rohitksinghfelix_: I don't have much to add to that design, it is already quite beautifully designed and documented! good work!15:22
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felix_rohitksingh: ah, nice, thanks for your review :)17:03
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rohitksinghfelix_: anytime :)17:16
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