Sunday, 2018-08-05

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cr1901That's  funny... I thought I was in this room00:19
cr1901mithro: Are you around  right now?00:19
mithroI am kinda00:19
cr1901I just checked out symbiflow-arch-defs to my netbook... fresh copy00:20
cr1901I get this weird error when running make redir00:20
cr1901make/ *** No configs found for mux.  Stop.00:20
cr1901Ever see anything like this?00:20
mithroWhat does "git status" show?00:22
cr1901On branch master00:23
cr1901Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'.00:23
cr1901nothing to commit, working directory clean00:23
cr1901Netbook _is_ a Linux, btw00:23
mithrocr1901: I was after the commit version and the status of your submodules00:24
cr1901Forgot to check out  submodules... again...00:26
cr1901and my personal copy  isn't up  to date w/ yours on master00:26
cr1901Okay, still the same problem after git submodule update --init... commit is 1d4f49100:27
mithrocommit 84e9ef3d ?00:27
cr1901doesn't  match any know commit... h/o00:29
tpbTitle: Merge pull request #217 from SymbiFlow/dependabot/submodules/third_pa… · SymbiFlow/[email protected] · GitHub (at
cr1901oh I was tracking your copy00:34
cr1901let's see...00:34
cr1901mithro: Same problem.00:35
mithroWhat does git-status show now?00:36
cr1901HEAD detached at 84e9ef300:37
cr1901nothing to commit, working directory clean00:37
cr1901submodules checked out00:37
cr1901netbook is 32 bit00:41
cr1901guess I'll just edit over the network and rsync the output files00:41
cr1901from home machine00:41
mithroI just did a fresh checkout and got the following00:42
mithrols: cannot access 'symbiflow-arch-defs-test/third_party/*/.git': No such file or directory00:43
mithromake/inc/ *** Submodules are not initialized! -- Run git submodule update --init.  Stop.00:43
tpbTitle: Makefile fails in confusing way if Make version 3.82 is used. · Issue #197 · SymbiFlow/symbiflow-arch-defs · GitHub (at
mithrocr1901: I think that is your issue00:44
mithrocr1901: I'd love you to fix the issue if you know of a good way too00:47
mithroHopefully we will replace my horrific makefile system with something better soon ->
tpbTitle: CMake build system for architecture definitions and FPGA targets by litghost · Pull Request #215 · SymbiFlow/symbiflow-arch-defs · GitHub (at
cr1901Oh that would explain a lot... my netbook is still running Ubuntu 14.0400:47
cr1901mithro: Not offhand... going compile my own copy of make in the interim00:48
mithrocr1901: I think we just need some type of version check00:48
cr1901Oh I thought you meant "make it work with 3.82 (or 3.81, my version)"00:48
xobsFunny, right now I'm trying to get Ubuntu 14.04 running on my system. I have some ancient software that doesn't seem happy with anything newer.00:51
mithroI'm heading out now00:52
cr1901alright, thanks for the help00:52
mithroxobs: See my comments from earlier00:52
cr1901xobs: Well make sure your GNU make is up to date, and if not make sure to fetch it from your neighborhood-friendly ftp mirror :)00:52
* cr1901 is a little pissed GNU intends to disable ftp00:52
xobsmithro: yes, the provider idea is an interesting one.00:54
xobscr1901_modern: I'm trying to get a VLSI tool from 2015 building, but it wants Boost.Python 2.8, Qt4, and to be compiled in a specific directory. It's not the best build experience.00:56
cr1901the hell is python 2.800:56
cr1901Oh, and I just realized this isn't going to work- tfw no 32-bit build of conda00:57
xobs2.7. Phone keyboard, sorry.00:57
mithroxobs: have you looked at qflow ?00:59
tpbTitle: Qflow 1.1 (at
cr1901mithro: Yea, I'm going to have to remotely edit stuff for this, b/c there is _no_ 32-bit Conda :P. I should consider upgrading my netbook- oh wait...01:00
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mithrocr1901: if you don't take "make env" it will used stuff from you system01:04
cr1901It looks like some stuff is hardcoded to look in conda/env/bin? Or is that only if you run "make env"?01:05
cr1901In any case, noted. I have everything but node installed I think. How bad could that be to set up?01:05
mithroOnly if you use make env01:06
cr1901alright, I'll do git clean -f -d and start over01:06
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xobsmithro: I've looked at qflow -- it mostly works, and sometimes I get a synthesized chip out of it, but graywolf is a bit dodgy legally and is rather slow.  I'm hoping to use the placer from Coriolis instead.01:25
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xobsIf it works out, I'll redo the build system to use something more sane.  And port it to Python3.  And Qt5.02:39
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xobsmithro can you check out #tomu please?06:29
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cr1901mithro: I would show you a pic if I could, but if you want to try out the xc20xx verilog models and look at the png output, now is a good time to do it16:19
cr1901I would say it's just about done aside from  some  cleanup in the output files16:20
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